The Top 10: Quirky Songs that Missed Out


Sometimes in the Eurovision world, weird and wonderful is greatly appreciated. Sure, we all have our classic favourites, whether it be an upbeat number or a traditional love ballad, but we also love something “new”! Remember Bzikebi, who won JESC 2008? They were unique, and were justly rewarded for it. But did you ever wonder “what could have been”? Let’s take a look at some quirky songs that never quite made it to JESC.

1. Mystery of Darkness – Familierock

This has to be the only gothic/metal song in a JESC national final. The sibling set wears their hair long and faces pale as they sing this goth rock song which is actually really catchy and probably would have scored quite well just because it’s memorable. Children can be scary too!

2. Star-Ty – Network

We have an outer space theme, metallic costumes, aqua face makeup, special effects from the 1980s and a song to match. It’s great! If you check out the Moldovan national final from 2010 you will actually find quite a number of gems, from folk to summer pop, and Natalie Turcan’s “Zbor” which can be described as creepy trance (and I love it).

3. Varya Strizhak – Labyrinth


This is a fun one. Varya first released a rather high-budget music video for her song which went viral in Russia and made extensive use of autotune. It also featured the most amazing costumes which didn’t make it to the national final to everyone’s disappointment! Sadly Youtube star did not turn into JESC star for Varya, but she’s still making those videos!


4. Lyoma Nal’giyeva – Moya mechta

We’ve had so many amazing folk songs in JESC national finals but I single this one out because it’s basically Bollywood.. but better.. was this not a missed opportunity, when else is something like this going to be present in such an international European competition!

5. Peeshtite kengura – Sto stari neshta

The name of their band translates as “The Singing Kangaroos”. I think enough said? It’s a catchy rock song reminiscent of the commie era sung by a Bulgarian school specialising in the German language who decided to enter JESC (twice as a matter of fact, also in 2007). Sadly for us Aussies, the kangaroos never made it to JESC.

6. Althea Georgiovan Troisi de Menville – Crazy Seasons

This had to be included just for her name! But in seriousness, this one will have you wondering what you just watched. This was Malta pre-Gaia, the national final of 2010 was full of this kind of thing, and it was brilliant. There was a singing sailor girl, native American tribute (I am an Indian Girl), Kitty-Kitty Cat, Lady Lady Ga Ga (you get the picture).

7. Uncle Slava & Inna Richie – Diskoteka na seli

This has to be the most erratic song we’ve had in the national finals. It’s crazy, all over the place, and SO catchy. Also one of the many folk songs in the wonderful 2012 Ukrainian national final.

8. Ion Moise Badulescu – Vine Circul in Oras

The circus comes to town! Sure, Fabian had some magic tricks in JESC 2012, but Ion took the magician theme to the next level. Considering Romania came last in 2009, perhaps they should have gone for this 2nd placed entry instead, come on, that top hat is great!

9. De Dalton Sisters – Verander De Wereld

The Dalton Sisters actually enjoyed some popularity after Junior Eurosong in Belgium, but before that they tried to make it to JESC in 2007, sadly losing to Trust. I had to include them on the list for the yeehawwwwwwww country energy. Belgium, bringing America to JESC one cow girl at a time?

10. Maria Paraponiari – Harry Potter

As the name suggests, Maria tried to represent Greece with a Harry Potter tribute in 2004, and as a massive Harry Potter fan myself, as were most of the jESC audience back then, this one can’t be missed from the list.

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