The Tolmachevy Twins are back

Many past JESC singers have entered national finals for JESC, indeed this year in Malta entrants from three different Junior Eurovision entries all performed in the same song (Sophie Debattisa from Malta 2006,Charlotte Debattista from Malta 2004 and Nika Turkovic from Croatia 2004 – all were part of Sophie’s ESC 2014 attempt). Not to mental Daniel Testa (JESC 2008 Malta), Thea Saliba (JESC 2005 Malta) and Gaia Cauchi (JESC 2014 Malta) were all present. Until 2010 though, no JESC singer went to ESC. In 2010 Weronika Bochat from Poland (KWADro 2004) was part of the team singing “Legenda” for Poland in Eurovision. Then last year, Nevena Bozovic (Serbia 2007) was part of Serbia’s Eurovision trio. 2014 will mark the first year that a JESC singer is the only performer in a Eurovision act, AND the first year a JESC WINNER will compete in ESC. I am talking about the Tolmachevy Twins who won JESC in 2006 – they are back to represent Russia this year in Eurovision with a song called “Shine”, now as the “Tolmachevy Sisters”. Neither Nevena or Weronika managed to qualify with their entries in ESC, can the twins be the first JESC singers to make the Eurovision final?
Here is a news report on their participation:
Here is the song:

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