The running order for jESC 2014

Moments ago, the official website of jESC has revealed the running order in which the participating countries will perform at the actual show on Saturday, 15th November, which was done after the allocation draw(made today during the Opening Ceremony at the Verdala PalaceRabat) and then got the approval from jESC‘s Executive SupervisorVladislav Yakolev

Here’s how’s going to work:

01: Belarus

02: Bulgaria

03: San Marino

  1. Croatia
  2. Cyprus
  3. Georgia
  4. Sweden
  5. Ukraine
  6. Slovenia
  7. Montenegro
  8. Italy
  9. Armenia
  10. Russia
  11. Serbia
  12. Malta
  13. The Netherlands
Who’s going to win? Who’s going to be last? All the questions will have its answers during the live show

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