Sophie’s Busking Success

sophie debattista

Exciting news for one of our JESC alumni. Sophie Debattista, who sang her self-written song “Extra Cute” for Malta in 2006 (and was extremely underrated I might add!), has been voted one of the top buskers in the world. Yes, I said world.

Now 20 years old, she has been living in London for the past two years and studying at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. When she was busking last summer while taking part in the “Mayor of London’s Big Busk”, she was noticed and invited to enter the Toyoya sponsored contest to find the world’s best buskers, with organisors choosing people from over 50 different countries. So far she has made it into the top 50, and if she makes the final 12, she will be flown to New Zealand in June to perform at the Queenstown Winter Festival. The final six will form a new band made up of the ultimate street musicians.

She had this to say: “It is really exciting. It’s a great competition to be a part of and I’m amazed I’ve reached this far. “ She added: “To think it is a global competition and not just for talent from the UK or even Europe is a really great feeling and I was really intrigued when I first spoke with them because at that point I hadn’t heard much about the competition. Music is my passion and that is what I want to build my life and career through.” “It is mindblowing to be part of a new 
campaign that celebrates street talent. It is a daunting yet exciting thing to do and I absolutely love it. It can be very challenging because you never really know how people will respond but I go to the Underground and sing while playing my guitar. I only started busking when I first moved to England and then to get to the finals of one competition and then to be picked as a top 50 busker in the world is really something else!”

Sophie said she hopes the competition will help her build a career in music. Whether or not she makes the finals will be announced in June! You can vote for her here:

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