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At JESC in Lillehammer, COOL KIDS placed 5th. The two boys sang the song, but unlike the national final, Caroline did not sing live vocals, she merely mimed. The boys wore red and blue contrasting colours while Caroline wore a rainbow shirt and blue skirt. The band was very popular in Denmark up until about 2006.

cool kids pigen er mijn

The National Final


mgp nordic cd


  1.   Hvorfor gik du din vej?   Simone
  2.   På en grøn grøn sommerdag   Green Kidz
  3.   Buster Buster   G=Beat
  4.   Jeg ka’ li’ det   Frigg
  5.   Pigen er min   Cool Kids
  6.   Stop Stop   Line Rømer
  7.   Tænker på et kram   Amalie og Frederikke
  8.   Helt speciel   Cozy
  9.   Første blik   Nico & Julie
10.   Det er helt utroligt  


 The final was held on the 25th September 2004 and the winner was COOL KIDS with “This Girl is Mine”.

The top 5 were:

1. Cool Kids – Pigen er min, 58 points,
2. Cozy – Helt speciel, 52 points
3. Amalie & Frederikke – Jeg t?nker pa et kram, 36 points
4. G=Beat – Buster Buster, 32 points
5. Line – Stop, Stop, 22 points

Lyrics for Norway 2004

@lek (Aleksander Moberg) – En stjerne skal jeg bli


Jeg satte meg på rommet
For å snekre på en låt
En låt som skulle få meg populær
Men det var ganske vanskelig
Det skjønte jeg jo snart
Men en låt – det skulle jeg få til
Men en låt – det skulle jeg få til

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A 2004 interview with @lek

An interview from 2004:

Name: Aleksander Moberg, @lek

Age: 15

Hometown: Drammen, Norway

Family: Robert, my twin brother. Grethe, my mother and Aage, my father

What is the song about? It’s about how it is to become a star and thoughts and feelings the person has about being famous and popular. It tells you that life as a star isn’t always as easy as we think. My song gives you an idea about how it feels to be a star.

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Interviews main


@lek articles

 2004 – Hesitation and nervousness seem to be words that do not exist for 15-year-old @lek from Drammen in Norway. @lek loves to perform in front of a huge audience and therefore he is looking forward to rocking Haakons Hall in November.

Almost every song is about love and relationships, @lek explains. This is why he sat down and wrote “I’m gonna be a star” – @lek likes to stand out from the crowd and do his own thing. Therefore, his lyrics are quite autobiographic. @lek’s strongest wish is to become famous! The melody came to him as he was trying out different things on his keyboard.

To make his wish come true, @lek works very hard. He is a fan of all kinds of music from pop to techno, sings with big band orchestras, takes part in numerous music competitions and has performed with the other Norwegian J-ESC finalists on a summer tour. You think this is enough? Not for @lek! He is already recording his first album as a solo artist.

But believe it or not, @lek still has some time for his hobbies – sports in a youth activity club and rowing – and even more surprisingly – @lek enjoys going to school. His favourite subject is – of course – music. He also spends a lot of time with his twin brother and his friends.

What is his wish for the future? @lek dreams of a good life, a job in the music business and a nice girlfriend.
But first of all: Winning the Junior Eurovision Song Contest is @lek’s wish for the near future! We keep our fingers crossed for him.


Dino main


dino jelusic 2010 croatia


dino jelusic

Dino Jelusic was born in Croatia 4th June 1992. He lives with his parents and siblings Lorena (15 years) and Bruno (6 years) in Zagreb. Dino has been singing for as long as he can remember. At the age of 2,5 he knew all the songs from his favourite singer and he performed in front of his friends in the kinder garden. He entered and did very well in Turbo Limach Show as a 5 year old.

 In 1999 he entered a children’s singing festival in Egypt where he finished 4th. From then and onwards Dino entered almost countless festivals all over Europe and he achieved several 1st positions. Among the festivals were Veo-veo, Super grand prix, 1st Golden Star Festival, Dorica and Turbovision.

When he heard about the Junior Eurovision Song Contest he did not hesitate to submit his self written song about his first and only love to the Croatian final where he received the maximum score of points! In November Dino became the first JESC winner ever with his victory in Copenhagen.

Soon after returning to Croatia after his winning, Dino signed a disc contract and he released a maxi single of “Ti si moja prva ljubav” and later a CD.

2004 was a very, very busy year for Dino he toured all over Croatia, visited Australia, Romania and Denmark and he had his own charity concert where 6000 fans appeared. In November he visited Norway and gave Maria Isabel the 2004 winning trophy of JESC.

In 2005 he visited Denmark again and sung a lot in Croatia too. This year his younger sister Lorena was chosen to represent Croatia in Junior Eurovision in Belgium, Dino went with her as support. Unfortunately she did not do as well as her brother. After JESC 2005 Dino and Lorena did a lot of concerts together.

  dino 2009

Dino released a new song in May 2008 called “Malena” with his new private band, he may release a new CD soon! His new image is more alternative and rock-based.

dino jelusic 2010


Dino’s debut album, No. 1 released April 2004

no 1 v1

01. Ti si moja prva ljubav
02. Moj
ivot je rock’n’roll
03. U ime ljubavi
04. Emily
05. Ti si sve
06. Doktorice
07. Rock’n’roll Pepeljuga
08. Dijete novog vremena
09. Vjerujem
10. Molim nebo da te vrati
11. You are my one and only
12. My life is rock’n’roll
13. My little Egyptian friend
14. Oh, Lord
15. New millennium kid
16. Superman


The International verison of No 1. released 31/08/2004

 dino no1 v2

01. You are my one and only
02. My life is rock’n’roll
03. Love is all we need
04. Emily
05. My prayer
06. Doctor
07. Princess of rock’n’roll
08. New millennium kid
09. Angel eyes
10. Oh, lord
11. Ti si moja prva ljubav
12. Love is all we need (just clap your hands remix)
13. You are my one and only (jd babe club remix)
14. Ti si moja prva ljubav (loop factory feat. dino)
15. You are my one and only (karaoke)
16. My life is rock’n’roll (karaoke)
17. Love is all we need (karaoke)
18. My prayer (karaoke)
19. Ti si moja prva ljubav (karaoke)

Sounds Like Teen Spirit: A Popumentary

 Sounds Like Teen Spirit: A Popumentary is a sometimes humorous, sometimes startling look inside the lives of the Junior Eurovision participants. The film takes us behind the scenes of each countries national final – from the crushing defeat of those first out, to the fervid joy of the child whose dreams have just come true. Jamie J Johnson perfectly captures the emotional journey of these young singers, documenting their lives from their country to the international stage of Rotterdam. 


The film shows us how often adults underestimate children, as to these kids, winning isn’t everything. Whether in first or scoring near the bottom, they cheer for their new friends, laughing, singing, even after the cameras have left them. Sounds Like Teen Spirit is a heartwarming story of youthful innocence which explores a broad spectrum of emotions, guaranteed to bring the audience to tears.. and to laughter. 

teen spirit


‘Sounds Like Teen Spirit’ is the warmly comic story of childhood, innocence, teen-dreams and singing off-key.

Marrying the affectionate indie humour of ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ with the charm and emotion of ‘Stand by Me’, ‘Sounds Like Teen Spirit’ follows the journey of 4 loveable-losers to the world’s largest children’s song-writing contest including all the foibles of growing up along the way.

Featuring music by ABBA, Roxy Music, The Who, Henri Mancini and Belgium’s infamous Singing Nun ‘Sounds Like Teen Spirit’ celebrates the underdog spirit of heroic amateurism in what Variety describes as an ‘irrestistible crowd pleaser… delightful’.

MoviePic writes how Teen Spirit ‘leaves you all teary and tenderhearted’ and IndiePix called it ‘the hit of the festival’, following its Toronto Premiere.

‘Sounds Like Teen Spirit’ is directed by BAFTA, Broadcast and Gierson nominated ‘best new director’ Jamie J Johnson and produced by British indie veterans Elizabeth Karlsen and Stephen Woolley.

… A star is Bjorn

A UK Film Council presentation, in association with Aramid Entertainment, C4 British Documentary Film Foundation, of an Elizabeth Karlsen, Stephen Woolley, Number 9 Films production, in association with Audley Films
Produced by Elizabeth Karlsen, Stephen Woolley. Executive Producers Jess Search, Maxyne Franklin, Simon Fawcett, Paul White. Co-Producer Kate Lawrence. Directed by Jamie J Johnson.


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