Mishela Rapo Albania’s 2nd Entrant

mishela rapo

Albania has kicked off th Junior Eurovision 2015 season by choosing their entrant last night live on RTSH through Festivali i 51-të I Kënges për Fëmije. 14 songs took part and the winner is Mishela Rapo with her song Dambaje. The music was done by Adrian Hila while the lyrics were written by Mishela herself with help from Pandi Laco. Unlike in 2012, the kids did not decide the winner, but a 5 person jury did (amongst which sat Olta Boka and Juliana Pasha, ESC 2008/2010 entrants). They weren’t the only ESC entrants there either – Kejsi Tola from ESC 2009 performed Carry me in Your Dreams! Wendi Mancaku and Vanessa Sono’s ‘Jeto’ finished 2nd while Dario Zela’s ‘Hëna – çapkënia’ came 3rd.

Mishela is 14 years old, born on 15th December 2000. She participated in the Albanian national final in 2012 with “Mama Mia Te Amo” (one of the best from that year!), so is very happy to have won on her 2nd try! Click here for the song!

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