Lyrics of Malta 2003

Sarah Harrison – Like a star
Like a star
Together we’ll shine
Together we’ll fly
And further we’ll glide. 
Like a star together we’ll pass through
Together we’ll sail through
Those difficult days. 
Like a star
That shoots from up high
And lights up the sky
Just cannot deny 
Like a star
We’ll jump from a cloud
And sing out aloud
Together we’ll shine 
Up in the sky there’s a star that comes out at night.
Deep in my mind there’s a thought that gives it some light.
We can all together make it shine so bright, made up my mind
So come together we’ll make it and leave the past behind. 
It’s fun when I play hide and seek with the moon up above 
Singing with angels in heaven, sweet songs of love
Don’t worry when clouds give me shelter and you don’t see me shine so bright
Cos I’ll never leave you alone I’ll be your guiding light 
If you can’t make it on your own
Give me your hand and we’ll be strong
We can’t go wrong

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