Luara releases ‘Fighting the Liars’

luara melody

Time for another update on a past JESC singer. This time we’ll take you back to Luara Hayrapetyan, who sang ‘Barcelona’ for Armenia in JESC 2009 and ended 2nd. Although she represented Armenia in JESC, she was actually living in Russia at the time, but in 2011 she and her family moved to Los Angeles so she could pursue her singing more seriously. She has released many music videos while living in the USA such as “Escape”, “Until we See the Sun” and “Fire in Me”. She has been gaining quite some popularity with over 20,000 fans on Facebook and her videos receive over 200,000 views. She has just released a new single under the name “Luara Melody” called “Fighting the Liars” which has an extremely catchy chorus, check it out here.

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