’s Adi Biti releases a new single

Do you remember the fan favourite of JESC 2012? It was Israel of course, who sent 6-piece group with ‘Let the Music Win’. The six kids were Libi Panker, Adel Korshov, Tali Sorokin, Adi Biti, Adi Mesilati and Daniel Pruzansky. A new member joined in 2013, Bar Zemach (pictured). In 2014 they haven’t been very active internationally, but they did perform in an Independance Day concert in Quito, Ecuador as performing ‘Jerusalem De Oro’ and ‘New York’.

Since Junior Eurovision, Adi Biti has split from the group and is pursuing her own musical career. Now 13 years old, she has released several singles in Israel which have received over one million hits on youtube. Her latest song ‘אם אתה אוהב’ (If You Like) is directed by Adam Deutsch and has received 92,000+ hits in 3 days. Her other popular songs are ‘Hasha’ and ‘Bit Habiti’. See her latest single below, it’s quite a catchy one!

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