Femke releases ‘Geen zin’

Do you remember Femke Meines, who represented the Netherlands in 2012 with “Tick tock tick”? Well, now she is 14 years old and still popular in the Netherlands. Since JESC, she has released several songs. In 2013 she released “Dan kies ik voor jou” which got about 580,000 views on Youtube, then a Christmas special song “Kerst met jou” which she sang on the Kids Top 20. This year she also sang “Dat zijn wij” on the Kids Top 20 and released the mp3. But this week she released a new single and music video – “Geen zin” (Don’t Feel Like It) about how she doesn’t feel like going to school (I’m sure JESC was much funner!). Try and spot cameos by Sarah en Julia and Andy van der Meijde in the video! Vote for her songs, as well as the Junior Song Festival 2014 themesong here! (You can also see songs by JSF kids Allessandro and Sarah en Julia and Mainstreet and Ralf) on the Kids top 20 NL.

You can see her official site here: http://www.femkemeines.nl/pg-26771-7-63544/pagina/home_-_femke_meines.html

Her Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/FemkeMeines

And of course, the song:

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