Latvia 2003

dzintars cica

Dzintars Čīča won the latvian NF with his band Visbijaœ. Dzintars is from Sabile, a city in western Latvia, and he is a real outdoors guy.
As soon as summer comes, nothing can keep him inside the flat, swimming and running are his hobbies. On his outings into nature, his generous heart takes over “ if he finds abandoned or hurt animals, he won’t leave them to their fate, but takes them home to care for them, something his parents aren™t always too happy about.
Apart from his hobbies, Dzintars of course works on his great talent as a singer and songwriter. The ten-year-old almost always is humming a tune, he writes down his ideas and shares them with the members of his band Visbija. This is also how  the song You are in Summertime, which convinced the Latvians to send him to Copenhagen to the J-ESC, came into being.

And Dzintars is happy “ the more audience, the better. When I™m up there, singing in front of people, I can feel the energy going out from all of us, he describes his feelings on stage. And, as a message to encourage his competitors, he tells them: Come what may in Copenhagen “ there will be no losers. We have come so far, we are all winners.  
Even though he is on the right track to becoming a musician, Dzintars also thinks of his future. To make his parents and his sister Santa proud of him, he studies math in school with enthusiasm, but of course he™d rather make his dream come true than become an accountant. And after all, his great idol, Jean-Claude van Damme, whom he follows suit in karate, also made it all the way to the top using his talent and willpower.

Name: Dzintars  
My place and date of birth: Talsi (Latvia) – 28.01.1993
Colour of my eyes: dark brown
My astrological sign: Aquarius
Colour of my hair: black
My height: ?
I have … an older sister and her name is Santa.

My favourite Band or Artist is: Robbie Williams
My favourite Food: fried chicken
My favourite Film: all films with Jean-Claude Van Damme
What music means to me? That is the best way to show my joy for the life.
I would like to meet … Jean-Claude van Damme because he knows how to fight and how to protect himself and others.
For no money in the world would I … betray my friends.

I am perfect in running.

I absolutely can’t eat onions.

My favourite subject at school is math.
My biggest fear is: I am not afraid of anything.
I can cook pancakes.
My friends say that my worst character trait is that I can’t wake up early in the mornings.
If I win the J-ESC contest, this is what I would like to say to the other participants: there are no losers in this contest “ we all are winners.


The songs in the national final were:

Dzintars Cica – “Tu esi vasara”

Miks Dukurs – “Mana sirds”

Sabine Berezina – “Saules stari”

Eva Burtniece – “Dazkart”

Livija Daudze – “Smilsu pils”

Gatis Freimanis – “Afrika”

Alina Razumnaja – “Es…”

Edgars Smiuksis – “Bungas dzied”

Ieva Stamere – “Zvaigznes un melodijas”

Madara Viktorova – “Es gribu zinat”.

Reserves: Svetlana Svilpe – “Veltijums draugiem”, Santa Kancevi?a – “Par sapniem”, Agrita Alksere, Anete Volkova & Eva Maurina – “Saulrieta”. 

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