’s Adi Biti releases a new single

Do you remember the fan favourite of JESC 2012? It was Israel of course, who sent 6-piece group with ‘Let the Music Win’. The six kids were Libi Panker, Adel Korshov, Tali Sorokin, Adi Biti, Adi Mesilati and Daniel Pruzansky. A new member joined in 2013, Bar Zemach (pictured). In 2014 they haven’t been very active internationally, but they did perform in an Independance Day concert in Quito, Ecuador as performing ‘Jerusalem De Oro’ and ‘New York’.

Since Junior Eurovision, Adi Biti has split from the group and is pursuing her own musical career. Now 13 years old, she has released several singles in Israel which have received over one million hits on youtube. Her latest song ‘אם אתה אוהב’ (If You Like) is directed by Adam Deutsch and has received 92,000+ hits in 3 days. Her other popular songs are ‘Hasha’ and ‘Bit Habiti’. See her latest single below, it’s quite a catchy one!

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Luara Hayrapetyan stars in new movie – Gibby!

Luara Gibby

Luara Hayrapetyan (Armenia 2009) has been cast in a movie! She is now living in the United States trying to become a huge star! And so far it is working for her. She has been recently cast in a movie called “Gibby”! The writer of Gibby (Greg Lyon) describes it as:

“A young teenage girl, Katie, can not snap out of her depression after losing her mother. Katie has lost interest in school, her friends, and gymnastics. All that changes in the summer when she is asked to monkeysit Gibby, her science teacher’s Capuchin monkey. Taking care of the monkey changes her life in a big way. Gibby’s happy-go-lucky personality renews Katie’s zest for life. Gibby helps her with gymnastics, renewing friendships (including finding a potential boyfriend) and overcoming her nemesis, a mean girl who is out to beat Katie at everything.”

Luara told more about her role in the movie! She is cast as a famous singer (herself) and performs at Katie’s prom party! Her song Until We See The Sun is featured in the movie. Luara also tells us that she has a dance solo as well! She has been working so hard lately and says it was so much fun to shoot. She cannot wait for the movie to come out in 2015, and we can’t wait either!!! Congrats, Luara, for your success!

Daniel Testa will be in the Maltese NF

The finalists for the Maltese Eurovision 2015 national final have been announced. If you’re going to JESC, you can stay for the national final as it takes place only a week after JESC, isn’t that convenient? Anyway, the reason this is interesting to Junior Eurovision fans is that Daniel Testa, who placed 4th for Malta in 2008, is once again a finalist, hoping to claim the crown this year after he missed out last year. His song is called ‘Something in the Way’, you can watch it below. Domenique Azzopardi and Danica Muscat from their JESC national finals will also compete.

The singers from Belarus – then and now

jesc belarus

Watch on the TVR website a 15 minute documentary showing all the Belarussian JESC entrants ‘then and now’. First we see Volha Satsuik from 2003 (along with some behind the scenes shots from Copenhagen), who now appears to have taken on a darker, more rock n roll image, and is still singing. After Volha, we see shots of Yahor Volchek from 2004 auditioning for JESC way back when. I’ve always found his song a nice quirky entry, so it’s good to see he’s still singing, currently auditioning for a place in a new boyband along with the lead singer of Litesound. His voice has matured well. Now the show takes us to their first JESC winner, Kseniya Sitnik (along with footage of the 2005 arena, always an amazing thing to see). Now all grown up, Kseniya appears to be studying, unfortunately they did not interview her. Next we see Andrei Kunets who came 2nd in 2006. He looks very different, he has short hair now. He’s still got his JESC certificate. We then get to see 2007 winner (Belarus certainly was a powerhouse!) Alexey. He actually looks quite similar to 2007, though older and darker of course. They interview him so if you speak Russian, you can tell what he says. Now we jump to Dasha, Alina and Karina from 2008. We see a grown up Alina who is studying the piano and music, she looks a bit like Ruslana now. Dasha is currently studying in the UK so she is not interviewed, not sure about Karina. We get to see lots of behind the scenes footage from 2008. Now you’re in for a shock to see Yuriy from 2009 singing classical piano, a far cry from his operatic ‘Magic Rabbit’ song, he has changed a lot and doesn’t like to be associated with his JESC song much. Next we see Danill Kozlov who did well with his ballad in 2010. He’s into skateboarding now and looks a lot different, no longer a little boy. Another ballad singer was Lidia from 2011, she looks very different now, sporting shorter and darker hair, I can’t recognise her at all. The good news is she’s still singing and her voice still sounds strong. She’s singing with a little boy, maybe a brother? We then get to see an interview with 2012’s Egor who looks older but similar. Ilya from 2013 follows and he’s very much into dancing these days, he seems really professional.

Luara releases ‘Fighting the Liars’

luara melody

Time for another update on a past JESC singer. This time we’ll take you back to Luara Hayrapetyan, who sang ‘Barcelona’ for Armenia in JESC 2009 and ended 2nd. Although she represented Armenia in JESC, she was actually living in Russia at the time, but in 2011 she and her family moved to Los Angeles so she could pursue her singing more seriously. She has released many music videos while living in the USA such as “Escape”, “Until we See the Sun” and “Fire in Me”. She has been gaining quite some popularity with over 20,000 fans on Facebook and her videos receive over 200,000 views. She has just released a new single under the name “Luara Melody” called “Fighting the Liars” which has an extremely catchy chorus, check it out here.

Laura Omloop with ‘Meer’

Do you remember Laura Omloop, the cute yodeling girl who represented Belgium in Junior Eurovision 2009? It’s been five years and she’s come a long way since her ‘Zo Verliefd’ days. Now 15 years old and represented by Warner Music Benelux, she has just released a new single called ‘Meer’. The song is more mature than her previous singles, she wants to make it clear that she has transitioned from child to teen singer, though she is still not quite an “adult singer”. She will release a full album in Belgium and the Netherlands on 14th November, written together with Jeroen Swinnen (Daan, Superdiesel, Novastar, Vive La Fête). It is expected to be entirely sung in Dutch. Jessurun Martin, President Warner Music Benelux says:

“We are very proud of this collaboration. Laura has a beautiful voice, a lot of talent and a seasoned performer to add to our line-up. We want to build a long term career with her, not only in Flanders but also in the Netherlands. This contract with Laura is not a one-time thing, but part of a commitment from Warner Music Benelux. We believe that investing in local talent is the right way for the Flemish music industry to grow”.

Femke releases ‘Geen zin’

Do you remember Femke Meines, who represented the Netherlands in 2012 with “Tick tock tick”? Well, now she is 14 years old and still popular in the Netherlands. Since JESC, she has released several songs. In 2013 she released “Dan kies ik voor jou” which got about 580,000 views on Youtube, then a Christmas special song “Kerst met jou” which she sang on the Kids Top 20. This year she also sang “Dat zijn wij” on the Kids Top 20 and released the mp3. But this week she released a new single and music video – “Geen zin” (Don’t Feel Like It) about how she doesn’t feel like going to school (I’m sure JESC was much funner!). Try and spot cameos by Sarah en Julia and Andy van der Meijde in the video! Vote for her songs, as well as the Junior Song Festival 2014 themesong here! (You can also see songs by JSF kids Allessandro and Sarah en Julia and Mainstreet and Ralf) on the Kids top 20 NL.

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The Tolmachevy Twins are back

Many past JESC singers have entered national finals for JESC, indeed this year in Malta entrants from three different Junior Eurovision entries all performed in the same song (Sophie Debattisa from Malta 2006,Charlotte Debattista from Malta 2004 and Nika Turkovic from Croatia 2004 – all were part of Sophie’s ESC 2014 attempt). Not to mental Daniel Testa (JESC 2008 Malta), Thea Saliba (JESC 2005 Malta) and Gaia Cauchi (JESC 2014 Malta) were all present. Until 2010 though, no JESC singer went to ESC. In 2010 Weronika Bochat from Poland (KWADro 2004) was part of the team singing “Legenda” for Poland in Eurovision. Then last year, Nevena Bozovic (Serbia 2007) was part of Serbia’s Eurovision trio. 2014 will mark the first year that a JESC singer is the only performer in a Eurovision act, AND the first year a JESC WINNER will compete in ESC. I am talking about the Tolmachevy Twins who won JESC in 2006 – they are back to represent Russia this year in Eurovision with a song called “Shine”, now as the “Tolmachevy Sisters”. Neither Nevena or Weronika managed to qualify with their entries in ESC, can the twins be the first JESC singers to make the Eurovision final?
Here is a news report on their participation:
Here is the song:

We are back!


 jesc 2014

Hello all Junior Eurovision fans! I am pleased to announce that after a long hiatus, we are back in action! With a pretty new layout as well. Stay tuned to the website for lots of JESC 2014 news, as well as other updates on what past Junior Eurovision singers are up to these days.

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