Sophie Debattista New Single

Sophie Debattista 17/03/09 – Sophie Debattista, who represented Malta in 2006 with “Extra Cute” has released a new single, her first foray into her own individual CD. The song is called “The Clapping Song” and is a fun dance song, similar to her JESC song, although her voice has improved with age.  It will be officially released on 9th April 2009, but it is available online now here.

Besides from working on her new CD, since the Junior Eurovision 2006, Sophie has been involved in a number of projects around Malta. Every Sunday she appears on ‘Hadd Ghalik’, a Maltese entertainment show with an audience of 80,000. She toured the United Kingdom with Showbiz High, a singing/dancing group of teenagers from Malta. Sophie acted as singer, dancer, song author and choreographer. At the end of 2008 she played Sharpay in a national High School Musical production.

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molly sanden


21/02 – Molly Sandén, who represented Sweden in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2006 is now vying for the chance to sing once again for her country, this time on the grown-up stage of Eurovision. She passed straight to the final of Melodifestivalen 2009 with her ballad ‘Så vill stjärnorna’. She beat out BWO with ‘You’re Not Alone’ for a place in the final to be held at the Globe Arena on March 14. In JESC, Molly placed 3rd with ‘Det Finaste Någon Kan Få‘ (The Best Someone Could Get). She managed to turn Sweden’s three consecutive 15th place scorings into a 3rd.. we shall see if she can win the Melodiifestivalen and do the same in ESC.
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