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Andrei Mihai Cernea
was born in Nijmegen, Netherlands, on January 20th, 1994. Both of Bubu™s parents are musicians, and Bubu travelled all around Europe until the age of 3, when his parents once again re-established themselves in their native Romania.
At the tender age of two and a half, Bubu™s parents discovered his astonishing aptitude for playing the drums. At that point, Bubu received a real drum set as a gift, and from there on the progress was exponential, thanks to his own natural talent as well as to the lessons he took from his legendary father, Mihai Cernea, one of the most well-known musicians in Romania. When he was four years old, Bubu began to study playing the piano with his equally well-known mother. His first songs were composed in his father™s professional studio when Bubu was six. Bubu™s first public drumming performance took place on Romanian television™s top rated show œSurprise, Surprise in 1999 with an exceptional drum solo. Ever since then, Bubu has performed all over the country with Romania™s top drummers, and has even been as far as Spain, to appear on TVE, the Spanish National Television!

His favourite musicians are Mike Portnoy (Member of Dream Theatre “ whom he met in person a year ago in Romania) an David Weckel (ex-Weather Report and Chick Korea). Bubu constantly works with both of these musicians™ instructional DVDs, and his progress is unbelievable. In the beginning of 2003, Bubu  founded an alternative rock band called 4 ½, that he rehearses with on a daily basis. They hope to bring out a record some time next year.
Bubu laid the basis for his fame in 1998, when he became the host of the top rated children™s morning show Kiki Riki Miki. He did this for 3 years, and then went on to host other children™s festivals such as Tip Top Mini Top. He is considered Romania™s top talent  in music and television.
At present, Bubu is a 4th grade student at  the Dinu Lipati School of music, Piano Section. He also enjoys swimming and  playing tennis, and he adores watching movies. His dream is to one day meet Emma Thompson or the girl playing Hermione in the Harry Potter series.
Bubu met the three girls of Bubu & Co. on the set when he was filming one of his numerous TV programmes. The children became friends there and decided to create the group.

As of 2010 he has won many awards for drumming.

The Girls
Ana Vera was born in Sibiu, Romania, on the 21st of September, 1994. She has been playing the piano since she was four, and she has started taking ballet classes at the same time. She speaks German as well as Romanian, and she is a 3rd grade student at the German school in Sibiu. Ana Vera had met Bubu before entering the world of show business as the two kids™ mothers have been close friends for years. In 1999, Ana Vera and Bubu participated in a well-known TV show for children, singing and dancing together.

Giulia and Lavinia are twins; they were born on the 9th of February, 1994, in Via Reggio, Italy.
From the age of five, the two girls have been studying music at a private school in Bucharest. They both study dance, and have started taking piano classes a year ago. Their hobbies are swimming and basketball, they speak Italian perfectly, and, due to their mother being a passionate hobby photographer, they both have various albums of professionally taken pictures. The girls™ goals are to become famous film stars, and they both love pizza, which they learned to prepare from their Italian father.

It™s this thing with drummers. Every pop band has one, but they™re seldom in the spot light. Who gets to be the star of the band is something the singer and the guitarist usually settle between themselves. But this could change quickly: now there™s Bubu. Rumania™s representative in the J-ESC is a drummer, and one of the greatest fresh talents of his country.
Music has come naturally to Bubu, aka Andrei Mihai Cernea; after all, his parents are very well-known musicians in Rumania. Like his father, the famous percussionist Mihai Cernea, Bubu has fallen for the drums. But, thanks to his mother, he™s also been playing the piano since he was five, which helps him compose his songs.
In Copenhagen, Bubu will perform the song žTobele sunt Viata Meaœ. He™ll be supported by his œgirl group, consisting of Ana Vera, Giulia, and Lavinia. The three girls are enthusiastic dancers, and will take care of providing the right show for Bubu™s performance.
Especially Giulia and Lavinia, the two native-born Italian twin sisters, are real whirlwinds on stage. And Ana Vera and Bubu can look back on a long friendship “ they met on the set of a TV series. Apart from that, their mothers have been friends for years.
But Bubu doesn™t just appear in front of the camera to sing. He™s been hosting TV shows since 1998, among them one of Rumania™s most well-known children™s programmes, Kiki Riki Miki. But after three years of this, Bubu is now looking for new things to do, and so, at the moment, he prefers presenting children™s festivals and talent shows like Tip Top Mini Top.
His songs and TV career have made Bubu one of the most sought-after comers of his country. And in Copenhagen, he will prove that drummers can be in the limelight, too.


Romanian experience in Copenhagen:

Romanian children have received since day real signs of appreciation from both hosts and other delegates in Copenhagen.

Tuesday night was a welcome party organized by the city of Copenhagen, which was attended by all those involved in organizing and conducting the first stage of the competition for children, Junior Eurovision. Local media representatives were present in numbers large enough to have known better competitors. On this occasion, journalists Danish Romanian children given increased attention (compared to others), and they behaved like real stars. They gave interviews, shared folders and posters, took pictures and gave autographs. Bubu, Ana Vera, Julia and Lavinia, were the only artists who had posters printed promotional materials, all present appreciated the professionalism of their presentation. Another tribute came from the Lithuanian delegation chief, who said his favorite song is our opposite the Croatian and Bubu invited to participate in the largest international music festival for children will be held year Lithuanian national television future.


Children were filmed at the Wax Museum presentation will be broadcast Saturday evening before their entry into the scene. According to the rules, they can not be joined on stage than an adult (usually the head of delegation), which is unacceptable teams in Copenhagen, including technicians, operators, stylists, or even parents. The first effect of this decision was seen on the first day of rehearsal, when children first countries to enter the competition have seen huge stage alone were intimidated, they forgot the words of the songs, and rehearsal was a fiasco. In addition, the ban has a negative aspect, related to the financial side. Delegations were not announced in advance is this ban so that money spent for traveling to Copenhagen to people who now have learned that they can not do the job because the Danish organizers deny them rehearsing on stage or backstage .

Romanian delegation is confident in his evolution Bubu and three girls, who were easily adapted and became friends with everyone, but especially enjoys singing and being the center of attention. 


National final:

They held a preselection on September 8, 2003. 17 songs were submitted but 9 got disqualified because they didn’t follow EBU rules. The songs in the NF were:

   1. BINE-MI STA CUM M-AM GATIT – muzica populara – 1’25”;

  2. CANTA CHITARA! – 2’35”;

  3. CANTEC DE DRAGOSTE – 2’42”;

  4. DRAGOSTEA TA – 2’27”;

  5. LASA-MA SA VISEZ – 3’00”;

  6. MUZICA – 2’57”;

  7. TRANDAFIR ROSU BATUT – muzica populara – 1’22”;

  8. VREAU SA CANT – 2’59”.

the ones disqualified were:

  1. BINE AI VENIT! – 3’48” – Descalificat

  2. COPILARIA MEA – 3’11” – Descalificat

  3. DOI STRAINI – 3’46” – Descalificat

  4. INTINDE-I MANA, STRAINE! – 3’52” – Descalificat

  5. MAMBO (Mihai Constantinescu – compozitor) – 4’03” – Descalificat

  6. SA NU NE DESPARTIM – 3’46” – Descalificat

  7. SPERANTA – 3’26” – Descalificat

  8. VOI OAMENI MARI (George Chira – compozitor) – 3’47” – Descalificat

  9. APEL LA PACE – CD defect si sosire dupa 15 septembrie – Descalificat


They had a LOT of jury members:


– Cornel Fugaru

– George Natsis

– Viorel Gavrila



– Alina Sorescu

– Sabrina Manoliu

– Diana Dedita

– Beatrice Soare

– Daniel Mihaly Pop



– Diana Popescu – “Adevarul”

– Anca Nicoleanu – “Evenimentul Zilei”

– Dragos Vasile – “Academia Catavencu”

– Florin Ghioca – “National”

– Alex Revenco – “Independent”



– Razvan Popescu

– Andrei Partos

– Eugen Rusu


TVR (the broadcaster)

– Dan Manoliu

– Liviu Elekes

– Cezara Dorobantu-Radulescu 

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