Wrap up 2009 part 1

ralf mackenbach26/11/2009 – And the JESC is over for another year. The hype will die down now, to be ignited again next September, which is the main national final season. The show will be hosted in Minsk, Belarus in 2010, and I think we can look forward to an exciting show. First we must commend the Ukraine on their efforts in 2009, as although initially a good JESC looked doubtful, it ended up being a great show. The stage, although it was surrounded by people trained to wave and cheer and whom were all colour co-ordinated, it did look very visually effective. It is hard to say how full the hall was, some seats were empty and the floor wasn’t entirely full. Estimates are approximatly 7000 people in the Palace of Sports. The hosts were enthusiastic, especially Ani (who did a performance of Shady Lady which was full of life, besides the miming). Their English definitely needed improvement, and introducing the countries should have been done in English.. Sakartvelo is not so indentifying. Speaking of Georgia, the country’s motto is “Strength is in Unity”. And that, is entirely true.

There were more journalists interested in the Junior Eurovision this year, despite press mixups and lack of access to the singers in Kiev. Ralf has already been invited to perform in Germany (a non JESC country), and the head of the Bosnian TV station which particpates in ESC was following JESC closely. Over 300 articles have been published on the contest in Russian language, and several hundred in Dutch. Not so many English speaking news outlets followed the contest, but extremely popular time.com, an American news company published an extensive review of the contest (read it here: http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,1942385,00.html).

Ralf’s win has garnered extreme media attention in the Netherlands, with the country celebrating it’s first win in 35 years. Primetime news outlets covered Ralf’s arrival at the airport, where a crowd of hundreds waited to greet him, singing along to Click Clack. He’s been in the papers, he’s been interviewed by radio and tv stations. A television crew followed him around his school, getting his classmates reactions on the win. A victory for the Netherlands should raise the spirits of not only Netherlands, but Belgium too (who came a respectable 4th). They deserve it, their national finals are shown in prime time and have a lot of effort put in!

It is interesting to see how different countries promote themselves. Georgia sent a 27-person delegation, with two vocal coaches, a stage producer, a choreographer and even a phsycologist (and about 942 costume changes), whereas Malta sent the girls and their families and their coach. We will soon examine who will be taking part in 2010, and what Belarus has in store for us. Also to come, a full review of the 2009 contest. Then, finishing the site so we can work on some fun new features!

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