Vlad & Mihail form new group

Mihail Puntov1 March 2011 – Russia’s first ever entrant to the Junior Eurovision, Vladislav Krutskikh, and Russia’s 2008 JESC entrant Mihail Puntov have formed a new group, separate to the more childish “Street Magic” group they were in, that is quite well known. They have formed a more mature group consisting of four of the older guys, called “Heroes”. As the former jESC stars are getting older they are aiming to be a hit in the adult music industry finally. They already have a Japanese fansite dedicated to them (http://geroi-jp.s1.bindsite.jp/)

They released a new song “Мое маленькое глупое сердце”, or “My Little Foolish Heart”. The video was filmed in Santa Barbara in Crimea and is about four best friends who question what is more important, their friendship or a fleeting love affair. It took 20 hours to film and the lead singer is Mihail who sounds completely different from 2008. The boyband consists of Misha Puntova, Vlad Krutskikh, Andrew Raspopova and Seva Tarasov.

Their website is: http://www.geroigroup.ru/ and their video is below:

An article translated into English on the new group is below:

To find the members of the group’s “Heroes” was not satisfied with the castings, auditions and did not carry out their selections. “Heroes” emerged themselves. After all, their history began long before the founding team.

All four participant groups: Misha Punta, Vlad Krutskikh, Andrew Raspopov and Seva Tarasov – in the past, leaders of the hit parade, “Children’s radio, the songs in their performance has grown a whole generation of children. But there came a time when more and more often heard question – Vlad, are you? How you’ve grown!

The group “Street Magic” guys always collected at their concerts sold out, receiving very positive feedback about their skills. But childhood is not eternal, and the day came when the boys grew out of “short pants” their children’s hits. Let songs about Kapitoshka and Piero will remain in his childhood.

What will happen with a new group, which declares itself, storming the charts, appears in the broadcast is? Experience shows that very often young actors can not stand the test suddenly descended upon them with glory. Someone begins to consider himself a demi-god, someone immersed in a world of narcotic dreams, someone wanders from one producer to another in the hope of better conditions … This test is usually waiting for every young artist.

“Heroes”, being a pop star-child, already occupied the top of the charts and tore off a flurry of applause from the huge concert halls and stadiums. Their lives have been and are attributes of artistic craftsmanship: the fans, the increased media attention, tours, hours of rehearsals … Behind – getting the prestigious award in the U.S. «Young Artist Awards» for kids album (in the States it is called the “Children’s Oscars”, at the time it received: Natalie Portman, Daniel Radclif, Michael Jackson), which is awarded for the brightest youth in television and in the cinema. Mischa Punta, Vlad Krutskikh represented Russia at Eurovision “Junior Eurovision Song Contest.”

The question of whether to leave the scene, get some education and live a normal life for them was not – each of them can not imagine my life without music. How could it be otherwise, when six years old each of your day goes in concert or rehearsal hall?

“When the concerts, we began to see not only parents with children, not only students but also young girls and women with burning eyes – we do not even doubt whether it is worthwhile to try to record an album with the guys – say songwriters Natalie and Vitaly Ososhnik – it would have been unthinkable – to send the children to “retire” due to the fact that they grew up. Moreover, we have long prepared material.

Their style has become instantly recognizable – a fusion of several musical styles, sad or ironic, but always philosophical lyrics, catchy melodies and, of course, professionalism and charisma of each participant.

“Heroes” all the time spend on the road or in the studio, so they passed an immersion in the teenage sub-culture. Guys have long felt themselves older and are eager to have their work resonates with not only their old, but new fans.

The debut song of “Heroes” “My little foolish heart” – a lyrical composition that gives hope to all lovers.

“We know all the search engines” – a smile says Vlad Krutskikh, incidentally, is the youngest radio DJ in Russia (he works at the Children’s Radio “). And not just “Yandex” – the guys thousands of fans not only in Russia but also in Spain, Japan, USA, France, Czech Republic, Poland, etc. etc.

“We do not randomly collected artists to translate a foreign or alien to our ideas – reflects Seva Tarasov. – We have long exist as a cohesive team, united among the goals and the same outlook on life. “

“Our songs are very romantic, without depressive tone, they offer hope, as we have said many times our fans. We do not want to hang up labels and refer our creativity to any particular style. We want to take a positive, – smiles Misha Puntov “

“I would not want anyone to copy and repeat, – said Andrey Raspopov. – Especially, do not want to restrict your creativity of some audience – we sing for everyone. Our songs are understandable and close to very different people. “

Video for the song “My little foolish heart” took Ukrainian director Sergei Tkachenko. It revealed the theme of love and friendship, the theme of eternal love triangle and complex life choices … Premiere does not take long.

For the first time in my life “Heroes” starring in explicit scenes in her first video. But how real actors band played all five plus. Mischa Puntov perfectly played romantic lover boy, and Seva Tarasov – crafty friend seducer.

“We stand for something that every element of our creative work – music, lyrics, staging, carried a positive idea and made people think about what’s important for all” – they say “Heroes.”

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