Viktoria in New Wave

viktoria new wave petrik

Do you remember Viktoria Petrik who came 2nd in Junior Eurovision 2008 with her sailor song ‘Matrosy’? Lately she has been getting quite popular both inside Ukraine and abroad, her and sister Anastasiya (JESC 2012 winner) have even developed somewhat of an American fanbase.

This week, Viktoriya has been competing in New Wave 2014. New Wave is a contest made to encourage upcoming singers which lasts for one week. It is held in Jurmala, Latvia, and has been host to many popular singers such as Alla Pugacheva and Eurovision 2014 entrant Mariya Yaremchuk. Notable entrants this year are Viktoriya and Antonio Maggio who had arguably the best song in the Italian 2013 San Remo national final.

The first day of the competition has been completed and Viktoria placed a tied 2nd place with her performance of Queen of the Night. You can watch it here:

If you want to follow the sister’s singing careers, check out their website here:!main

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