29 October 2010

laura omloop verliefd album cdLaura Omloop, the 2009 Belgian representative for Junior Eurovision and the years fan favourite, has released her debut album. It contains her JESC song “Zo Verliefd” and 11 other songs. You can buy it here or on itunes.

The song “Ik mis je zo papa” (Daddy I Miss You So) will be released as her fourth single. In ‘Verliefd’, Laura sings about her world. She is a cheerful young lady who dares to dream, about dancing and parties, about boys and love. She sings about what it’s like going to stay with grandma or a trip around the world. In Laura’s life there is also room for a little country music with “Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash” and more serious things like the beautiful ballad “Ik mis je zo papa”.

Laura on the release of her first album – it’s a dream come true: “I can’t believe this has happened. I have so much fun and friendly people who know me, the last few months have been great. Junior Eurosong, writing and singing the songs. And I’m very proud of the result. The songs are about issues that my peers and I face every day. Often fun but sometimes more serious. I hope everyone had a lot of pleasure!”

‘Love’ was recorded with the help of, among others Wiels Miguel and Peter Gillis (K3, Junior Eurosong …). They too are impressed: “A flawless voice with such passion. And whether she sings a ballad or a country song or a smooth pop, she always impresses with her boundless musical talent. She is definitely part of the musical future of Flanders! “

Laura can be seen live at Waasland Saturday, October 30 at the Shopping Center in Sint-Niklaas sag. Laura will be the local Free Record Shop to 2:00 p.m. signing autographs.

The tracklist for ‘Verliefd’ is:

1. Zo verliefd (yodelo)
2. Stapelgek op jou
3. Lekker shaken
4. Rond de wereld
5. Ik mis je zo papa
6. Te laat
7. Shout
8. Liefdesliedjes
9. Dolly Parton + Johnny Cash
10. Kiss kiss
11. Logeren bij oma
12. Cowboymeisje

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