U la la la, Serbia is out!


Serbia has revealed their entry tonight! Dunja Jeličić sings ‘U la la la’, a funky upbeat number with some Balkan influences. Dunja has a really mature and deep voice which should be very impressive for juries and audiences alike. The composer of the song was Vladimir Graić (composer of ESC Serbia 2007 and Slovenia 2012) and written by Leontina Vukomanović (ESC Montenegro 2004 and Serbia 2015). RTS collaborated with Children’s Belgrade Cultural Center when searching for a singer. They wanted someone who could both sing and dance, was comfortable performing and could communicate well. Dunja was the lucky one. She comes from the same show as Lena from 2015, Pinkove Zvezde. Watch her song below:

[youtube id=”Id8klEqQaKA” width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”center”]

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