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jesc week in kiev


01/12/2009 – In some random news, Miguel Wiels (who wrote Zo Verleifd and K3’s latest single Ma Mase), is already at work on a new single for Laura. I guess they will utilise the yodelling, it will be her “thing”, like Bzikebi’s bzzing. Ralf was honoured by his towns mayor after winning the JESC, appeared on Paul de Leeuw’s show and his song is #1 on Dutch Itunes, and.. he also entered the Flanders charts at place 45! Laura is #, beaten by the Black Eyed Peas and K3. Will she beat Thor, who charted overall for the year in 2006?

Sophie Debattisa from JESC 2006, whose music is now available at:
f2fmusic.co.uk, Hmv.com, Tesco.com, itunes, Napster, Amazon, Play.com, E-music, Shockhound, Lala, Amie street, Rhapsody & Groupie tunes, is releasing a new song ‘Give it Up’. She has 10 dancers for this song, Daron, Karl, Franklin, Darren, Anthea, Miky, Raquel,Leanne, Emma and Camille. Only two familiar names. In Aruba she is now number 1 with K.I.S.S.! Ahead of the current Australian number 1, shall I add. (source: http://www.hit94fm.com/top20.html) 

In the photo above, Laura is bigger than Mikaela. The youngest but not the smallest!



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