Ralf impersonator

ralf mackenbach

5/12/2009 – Ralf Mackenbach, the winner of JESC 2009, who is currently enjoying an 18th place on the Belgian singles charts.. has an impersonator. Someone is pretending to be him on the internet, trying to seduce young girls.

Ralf has a dirty imposter double

Song Contest winner Ralf is becoming a real star, now he even has his own look-alike. But he’s not flattered by it at all. Because this person that’s pretending to be Ralf, is trying to seduce young girls through MSN.

Ralf’s mother received a phone call from a woman who contacted the police, because someone who called himself Ralf Mackenbach was doing all kind of weird proposals on MSN to her daughters. Ralf’s mom to the newspaper: “I’m really glad she called me. Since the national contest we had to deal with someone imposing to be Ralf already.”

Ralf: “I’m afraid that this way, some girl might get in contact with a pedophile or loverboy.” Just so you know: if you ever run into Ralf online, it’s a very small chance that it’s really Ralf himself. He says: “I never use MSN.””


So be careful everyone, beware of anyone pretending to be Ralf, or any other contestant, never arrange to meet them, or give out your address or other personal details.

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