Misha Smirnov: “I want to act in musical theatre!”

misha smirnov

Next up in our 2015 interview series is Misha Smirnov from Russia!

Hello Misha! Thanks for talking to us. Can you tell us what you like to do, besides singing of course.

M: In addition to singing, I act in musical theater. Jim Hawkins in the play “Treasury Island” is one of my roles. Also I write poetry, play football and I am keen on shooting and editing my own mini-videos. I even have my own channel (vlog) on YouTube.

How did you feel when you realised you won the Russian national final? Which was your favourite song (besides yours of course)?

M: Honestly I could not even imagine that! Before the announcement of the results I had been sitting and discussing with my dad what soccer matches we attend the next month. And then suddenly … I had heard that the jury gave me 12 points! And I became a winner! It was very unexpected!

I very like song of Eden Golan «Amazing».  https://youtu.be/02AUtn0B8OI

How have the reactions been in Russia to your win?

M: You know there was an Internet voting in addition to jury voting. And I took the 2nd place by results of Internet voting, so the reaction was good.

Can you explain your song, what is it about? What do you like best about it?

M: This is a song of a romantic person like me, who is always reaching for something sublime and beautiful. There are words about duo of the man and his dream that inspires and makes him happy. Although I think that everyone can find its own meaning in the lyrics that is respective to his life. My favorite part of the song is the chorus, sure. Now I have the chorus in English as well and I like this part of the song very very much!

How have you been preparing for JESC? Have you received any tips from any past JESC singers?

M: Yes, last year JESC participant from Russia Alisa Kozhikina gave me a few advices but they are personal and secret!

Have you seen any past editions of JESC? If so, what songs have you liked? Who was your favourite Russian entrant?

M: I very like Maltese song 2008 «Junior swing», I even made cover on this one. https://youtu.be/OgcPrRLaj3I. I liked all entrants from Russia of course.

Did you know Australia will participate for the first time in the JESC? How do you feel about that?

M: Yes sure I know. I will tell you a little story. I have a mate in Australia. We met in Alps when skiing a few years ago. Such an unexpected place for meeting of boys from Russia and Australia, isn’t it? )) So I dream to have been to Australia and I am very happy that I will meet a girl from this great country in Sofia. BTW, she has nice song I guess.

Would you like to go to adult Eurovision one day?

M: Yes, since I like adult Eurovision very much! I still hum the song of Loic Nottet “Rhythm Inside” we gonna rapapa rapapa we gonna rapapa tonight! I voted for Belgium! But I believe it’s quite soon for me to think about senior Eurovision.

Have you heard any songs from the other singers this year, what do you think of them?

M: I think there are many real great songs this year. But my favorite one is from Slovenia performed by Lina Kuduzovic.

What are you planning for Sofia, is there anything you want to see or do there? Are you taking family or friends?

M: I have been to Bulgaria before with my family in summer 2010. I remember that there is very beautiful nature and architecture in Bulgaria, as well as very friendly people. I can’t wait to visit Sofia with my mom, dad and sister and to go sight-seeing.

What about your entry, how will you present it on stage in Sofia? Will you have any backing singers or dancers? What will your costume look like?

M: Jeans, T-shirt and «chickens» )) It’s a joke of course. I have not decided yet about costume. But what I can say definitely – I will sing alone as always, but I guess that somebody will help me on the stage with performance another way. Be patient and you will see everything 😉

Now a hard question, what is the most interesting fact about you?

M: Oh, really hard question. You know, when I was 3, I suddenly began to stutter and the doctor advised my parents to send me to singing lessons as a therapy. Stuttering passed quickly, but I have been singing until now )))

What do you want to do in the future?

M: I will tell you a secret, to be honest I used to dream of becoming a footballer. I even played a few years in the professional football club. But of course the singing is the main thing in my life. Therefore, I would like to become an actor in musical theatre like Broadway in future.

What’s the best thing about Russia, to you?

M: I think that Russia has unique nature and very kind and heartful people.

Quick questions!

Favourite food: Grilled vegetables

Favourite country: Russia, Germany

Cats or dogs? Dogs! I have a dog Chihuahua

Summer or winter? Summer.

Favourite book: «The shadow thief» by Marc Levy

Favourite movie: Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

Thanks Misha! Don’t forget to check out his entry here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXmp1komRQA

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