Malta’s top 20 2010

6th August 2010

After auditions were held on Wednesday and Thursday, a jury has chosen 20 songs to progress to the Maltese national final for 2010. 54 entries in total were submitted. The final will be held on the 4th of September, with the winner being decided by a 6-person jury and televoting, although the jury almost entirely decides the winner. The top 20 are:

Melissa Fausel-Attard – “Sailor Girl”
Jasmar Cassar – “My Star”
Althea Georgiovan Troisi de Menville – “Crazy Seasons”
Michela Galea – “Play for me”
Elaine Haber – “Maestro”
Sarah Bonnici – “Kitty Kitty-Cat”
Ylenia Vella – “Shout it Out”
Domenique Azzopardi – “Jigsaw Puzzle”
Jade Marie Vella – “Hooked on Samba”
Mikaela Agius – “Wonderland of Dreams”
Antoine Farrugia & Kylie Cassar – “It’s time”
Maxine Pace – “Lady Lady Ga Ga”
Maria Debono – “One Flag”
Nicole Azzopardi – “Knock Knock!….Boom! Boom!”
Jodie Farrugia – “Fantażija”
Maria Christina Desira & Justine Delmar – “Love to share”
Kimberly Micallef – “Indian Girl”
Courtney Farrugia – “So Sweet”
M Five – “Happy Day”
Nicole Marie Vella – “Let the Colours shine”

And yes before you ask, “Althea Georgiovan Troisi de Menville” is one name. Looking forward to hearing “Lady Lady Ga Ga”.

You may recognise some of these names – Nicole Azzopardi took part in the national final already for 2007, 2008 & 2009, Sarah Bonnici came 3rd in 2009 with Mambo Song, Ylenia Vella entered in 2008 and 2009 and is a potential winner having come 2nd and 4th. Maxine Pace entered in 2009, Domenique Azzopardi participated in the national finals in 2005, 2006 and 2007, Antoine Farrugia and Kylie Cassar entered together in 2009 too. Kimberly Micallef was one of the very popular Tik-i-Tiki girls in 2009. M Five usually consists of  Mikaela Bajada, Gabriella Sciberras, Ann Tabone, Rebecca Bonello, Sarah Bonnici. Mikaela represented Malta last year at JESC and Sarah has her own enter in the final, so they will not join them. Gabriella is Francesca’s (from 2009) little sister. Jodie came 2nd in 2008 with “The Zoo” and is the younger sister of Paulanne who was part of the group CUTE who represented Malta in 2007.


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