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kseniya sitnik 2010

19th June 2010

On May 15th this year Kseniya Sitnik turned 15, and presented her new album ‘Republic of Kseniya’. The album took four years to make and includes 10 tracks plus Non Stop which was released as a music video in 2009. Kseniya expressed how happy she was to release the album and said she hoped it wasn’t her last. She said music takes a big place in her life and that combining her music with school “is difficult, but everything is possible, if you really try.”

According to the songs author Sergei Bilogo, this album is focused more towards teens than children, with love being a prevailing theme.


“All of them carry a part of me, what I’m doing. My mood changes a lot, so each song is different. But my favorite – is probably The Hero of the Novel, music and lyrics penned by Sergei Bily” – Xenia said. She does not like Draw the Boys War as much as the other songs, it is dedicated to the events of the Great Patriotic War. The album title – “The Republic of Kseniya” – very well characterises the Belarusian star.  “Each of us – the personality who lives in his world – real or whether we have created for themselves. I think I live in a world that came up – this is my world, my republic” – explained Kseniya.  She wishes to become a songwriter: she writes good lyrics but writing music has not been so succesful. But now she is working on a detective novel.

ON JESC 2010

Svetlana Statsenko, Kseniya’s mother and artistic director of the National Center for Musical Arts reported that Kseniya had not received invitations to participate in the Junior Eurovision 2010. She thinks Alexei Zhigalkovich (winner of 2007), and Kseniya should be the stars of the 2010 JESC and had this to say about the invitation of Maria Isabel (which has since been refused): “It’s strange – we invite people from other countries, as if we do not have their talented people”


In 2011 Kseniya will turn 16 and be eligible to take part in the adult Eurovision contest. When asked about participating she said – “I do not see the point to go straight away to the adult Eurovision, where everything is very different from the national contest. Of course, in the future I do not exclude such a possibility. But now my primary focus is my education”. She said that she will think about it for the future however. Her mother Svetlana said that when Kseniya is emotionally mature enough for the contest, and her voice is fully developed, she will allow her to enter, providing they can write a good song. She will not allow her to go to Eurovision when she is only 16.

(Source of interview: BelTA)

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