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It is the day we’ve all been waiting for – the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014 has arrived! In just a few hours we will find out who has won the trophy. Junioreurosong.net will now publish our reviews of the songs. We’ve asked two long-time JESC fans from the forum to contribute their opinions – the JESC fan jury will consist of Caroline from Norway and Luc Custers from the Netherlands. We also asked two Junior Eurovision experts, past singers themselves, Dalita Avanessian who represented Armenia in 2011 and Gaia Cauchi, the winner of last year. All the scores will be added together to find our winner of the year.

Armenia – Betty – People of the sun

Gaia – I love Betty she is really confident on stage and a very catchy song, goodluck – 6/10
Dalita – It’s a bright, happy, positive  song which has a nice idea for the video-clip. I wish good luck to Betty, the representative of my country Armenia. 9/10

Caroline – It is a cute and catchy song, lacking the little extra for me. Wish it was 100% Armenian her accent is a little awkward and it would suit the song better. 6/10
Luc – Lets get it out of the way: I don’t like this at all. I find it rather cheap and tacky. The music is really basic, the most simple dance beat you can think of. She also sounds out of breath during the whole song, like she is trying really hard to reach those notes. Simply not pleasant. 4.5/10

Public vote – 7 points

Belarus – Nadezhda Misyakova – Sokal

Gaia – Typical junior eurovision song, it’s cute. 9/10
Dalita – It is an interesting thematic song about the hawk! I liked also the interesting instruments during the performance! 7/10

Caroline – Thank you Belarus for sending a song in my favourite genre. Wonderful ethno-pop. 10/10
Luc – Belarus mixes folk with pop and did a great job in my opinion. The folk instruments and the Дзе ты chant that flows through the whole song definitely grab your attention. And she is a great singer and performer too! Love it. 8.5

Public vote – 5 points

Bulgaria – Krisia, Hasan & Ibrahim – Planet of the children

Gaia – This is a very nice ballad song, it’s one of my favourites. 10/10
Dalita – It’s an original work, with classic basis! Of course she sings very well! I liked the idea of the opposite pianists characters in black and white colors! 8/10

Caroline – Three incredibly talented kids! The song has a very strong melody, but for me the instrumental parts get a bit longwinded. 7/10
Luc – This is a great piano ballad. The build-up is a bit slow but once the refrain kicks in, it  just blows you away. The piano, the violins, her voice, it really all fits. Only negative I can think of that her voice is a bit pitchy for me. Also nice that the piano players actually get the credit they deserve. 8.5

Public vote – 10 points

Croatia – Josie – Game over

Gaia – it is not one if my favorites but the song is very good, nice music 7/10
Dalita – I think it’s  not  strong  for the competition, although the idea of the song is nice “Game Over”! 5/10

Caroline – This song is simplistic and catchy and does not pretend to be anything else. I also think it blends English and Croatian very well. 8/10
Luc – This reminds me of Rebecca Black, in a bad way. It has the same simple beat and the same amount (way too much) of auto tune. The song is just very bland, especially her voice, very monotonous, barely any modulation. And I fear that her live is not going to be any better. 4.0/10

Public vote – 0 points

Cyprus – Sophia Patsalides – I pio omorfi onira

Gaia – It’s great to dance to, it has a nice beat. 8/10
Dalita – It’s a very dynamic song! “O-E-O” I think this phrase sounds good in the song and makes it more beautiful! 7/10

Caroline – A strong dance song that I have grown to really like. 8/10
Luc – Cyprus returns with a strong up-tempo. Compared to  Armenia and Croatia, this song is actually much better produced. The choruses are not always that strong but the refrain definitely makes up for it. Add to that several big notes and I am sold. 8/10

Public vote – 6 points

Georgia – Lizi Pop – Happy day

Gaia – oh how cute very similar to wrecking ball , if someone will translate it in english I would love to know what is she saying. Cute. 6/10
Dalita –  Interesting combination of ballad and “happy day”, with a slow rhythm of music! And of course with her timbre, Lizi is capable of making a happy day! 8/10

Caroline – Not a fan of the chanting or the repetitive English bits. 3/10
Luc – This one I find hard to judge. I quite like the verses, but the refrain is rather dragging in my opinion. Worse, I hate how she grinds her voice in the refrain, especially the O deli deli parts. And the choir is overdoing it as well. This might be my surprise of the year, like Ukraine was in 2011, yet for now I am not impressed 6.5/10

Public vote – 3 points

Italy – Vincenzo Cantiello – Tu, primo grande amore

Gaia –  this ballad is powerful I live ballad songs but after last year I guess people would choose a Happy song – 7/10
Dalita – Vincenzo Cantiello gives serious impression! first of all I have to consider his vocal skills, and also the song is quite mature and rich. 8/10

Caroline – This song is very dated and heard-before. It seems to be more about showing off his vocals talents. The switch to English is completley unecesarry. 2/10
Luc – This is as classic as an Italian ballad will get. I happen to be a big fan of those, so this song is right up my street. It might not be the best in its genre but it has a lovely build-up, and that choir kicking in at the last segment really gives me chills, it’s so perfectly timed. The only thing I hope is that he won’t over sing as much as in the videoclip, because that would be rather annoying. 8.0

Public vote – 0 points

Malta – Federica Falzon – Diamonds

Gaia – this is my country , Federica has a powerful voice and good song .wish her the best of luck – 10/10
Dalita – Malta, like Bulgaria, they both have chosen classic motifs in their songs, but in this case, Federica with her strong voice, unwillingly transfers us to the previous centuries. 7/10

Caroline – Opera is just not for me, at all. The song has a nice melody and production. 1/10
Luc – It took me a while to get a clear opinion on this song, as it is somehow appealing and annoying at the same time. In the end, though, I think it’s the parts she sings in “low key” that are nice and unique. Those are however completely ruined by those ultra-high notes she keeps belting out and that come off as simply showing off.  6.5

Public vote – 12 points

Montenegro – Maša & Lejla – Budi dijete na jedan dan

Gaia – happy but not my favourite – 5/10
Dalita – It’s not a brilliant song, but the video clip is pretty happy. 5/10

Caroline – The production brings this song down, it sounds so cheap. The English lyrics are also very cheesy. The whole thing becomes awkward. 2/10
Luc – 80’s Pop. Happy, bouncy 80’s pop. It’s definitely fun at the beginning, rather fresh but the effect starts to wear off rather quickly: After 2 minutes I was done with this song. Also, the shout part in the middle is really annoying. 6.0

Public vote – 1 point

Netherlands – Julia – Around

Gaia – I love it, it’s such a joyful song! 10/10
Dalita – I think they were able to create a hit song! 6/10

Caroline – It is a fun, current-sounding song but for me it becomes repetitive. 4/10
Luc – It always is a bit akward when your own country is your favourite, but I can’t help it. This is great. The refrain gets stuck in your head for days after one listen, it’s so damn catchy. The best thing about it though is Julia herself: Her live performance is so much better than the studio. And that doesn’t happen to often at Jesc. 9.0

Public vote – 8 points

Russia – Alisa Kozhikina – Dreamer

Gaia – A very powerful song and powerful vocals – 10/10
Dalita – the Russian representative is one of the favourites in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. From its first notes it’s obvious that how much prepared and talented she is. Brilliant voice, vocal skills and great charm …  also the video clip is very successful. 10/10

Caroline – Very much like Italy, except this song actually appeals to me for some reason. The switch to English drags it down a lot. 6/10
Luc – A classic Disney/Eurovision ballad. In structure it is similar to Italy in my opinion, slowly working to that climax. And when you finally get there it does not disappoint. This song does exactly what you expect it to do, but that’s not a bad thing. The only real disappointment wa her live vocal, which did not convince me at all. 7.5

Public vote – 2 points

San Marino – The Peppermints – Breaking my heart

Gaia – honestly I think that there are to many different voices wish to listen to them live , the song us good and the girls seems to enjoy singing 5/10
Dalita – As long as the girls are having fun and enjoy their work,  it’s already great!!. 5/10

Caroline – I really like the retro-feel of this song and it is catchy, but it becomes a bit too aggressive towards the end. 5/10
Luc – What I love most about groups is when they make harmonies, they often give me goosebumps. Sadly enough this song completely lacks those harmonies. The refrain comes across as shouty, rather than a harmony. The verses are better, with a nice surprise here and there, but. That’s not enough though to save this rather repetitive song. 6.0

Public vote – 0 points

Serbia – Emilija Djonin – Svet u mojim očima

Gaia – I live her video the sing is good keep it up 9/10
Dalita – I noticed that this year, ballad music dominates Eurovision songs, I think also Serbia was successful in that. But it’s not one of the main favourites. 7/10

Caroline – This is such a sweet and simple song, I just love this. 9/10
Luc – Some songs are just beautiful. This is not a song that grabs your attention with big notes, or a big voice. But it has a certain subtlety, a certain elegance and quality that just makes me want to listen to it over and over.  9.0

Public vote – 0 points

Slovenia – Ula Ložar – Nisi sam (Your light)

Gaia – awesome song very good vocals, my mum’s favorite 10/10
Dalita – The representative of Slovenia is also noted for her voice skills. another ballad song which has found more original colores throug the interesting performance of Ula Lozari. 8/10

Caroline –  I think this is a very cleverly composed song, it also blends the two languages well. 7/10
Luc – I wanted to love this song so bad. I can see its potential, I get why people like it, but every time I listen to it it just falls completely flat on me. I forget it as soon as the song is over, which makes it the weakest ballad of the year for me. Her voice is really pretty though.  7.0

Public vote – 4 points

Sweden – Julia Kedhammar – Du är inte ensam

Gaia – she seems to be a very nice persin the sobg is awsome and her voice is strong btw I love her outfit 7/10
Dalita – I think that the song is not appropriately chosen for her voice and vocal skills. 6/10

Caroline – When this was selected it hit me how much I have wanted Sweden to send an entry exactly like this. 8/10
Luc – Sweden is sending a rather schalgerisch song this year. And although I quite like schlager, I must admit that this one is rather mediocre, it never surprises you and it even lacks a decent ending. Another problem is Julia ‘s voice, as she struggling with every note that is a bit high, making it more average then it already was.  6.5

Public vote – 0 points


Ukraine – Sympho-Nick – Priyde vesna

Gaia – Well I was jury during the ukraine selections these were my favorites nice Symphony very nice song 7/10
Dalita – Ukraine always presents interesting songs and also nice performances, beautiful voices and good works. 8/10

Caroline – Beautiful, mystical and magical. 9/10
Luc – You can’t listen without mentioning Gravity. Then again, Gravity was a great song, and so is this. The Hey chanting, the vocal harmonies are brilliant. I’m less impressed with their solo singing, they are definitely stronger when they sing as a group. Their live also cant match the studio version, which is a pity, as it might have been my favourite otherwise. 8.0

Public vote – 0 points

Final scoreboard: (jury, voting)

Bulgaria – 8 + 10 = 18 points
Belarus – 12 + 5 = 17 points
Malta – 0 + 12 = 12 points
Netherlands – 3 + 8 = 11 points
Cyprus – 4 + 6 = 10 points
Slovenia – 6 + 4 = 10 points
Serbia – 10 + 0 = 10 points
Russia – 7 + 2 = 9 points
Armenia – 1 + 7 = 8 points
Ukraine – 5 + 0 = 5 points
Georgia – 0 + 3 = 3 points
Sweden – 2 + 0 = 2 points
San Marino

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