Jana Mirkovic: “a Young person has the strength and energy of a storm”

jana mirkovic

Our second interview of the year is with Jana Mirkovic, who will be Montenegro’s 2nd representative in the contest with her song ‘Oluja’. Here it is!

Hi Jana, congratulations on being selected to represent Montenegro in Sofia. How do you feel about the upcoming contest?

Hi! Thank you so much! I feel great and very thankful for this opportunity RTCG gave me. This is a huge project and lot of work to do. I am very excited and can’t wait to arrive in Sofia and meet all the people from different countries.

How did you get selected for JESC, whose idea was it?

RTCG invited me and asked if I want to represent Montenegro in JESC. I am into singing since a young age and I attended dancing and ballet school and did some TV shows for children’s programs. So people from here know me and my desire to be on the stage. This is second time for Montenegro to participate in JESC and I hope not the last. JESC is great opportunity for new generations to send a message and unite through music.

Can you tell us about your song, what are your opinions about it, what is it about? What do you like best about it?

I love Oluja! It’s a catchy song, full of emotions and when we were writing it we played with words a bit. Music is fun and timeless. The message is: a Young person is able to bring strength and energy like a storm.

I’m sure everyone is curious if you have ever followed JESC in the past, and what were your favorite songs, if so?

There are many good songs! For example, I love Italian winner from last year Vincenzo Cantiello and his song Tu primo grande amore. I love Italian language and Italian music!

Do you watch adult Eurovision?

Yes, I watch it every year. From 2015 I love Mans Zemerlow! I was also supporting Knez with Adio, who represented Montenegro. They showed lot of Montenegrin culture in that performance!

How have you been preparing for JESC? Have you received any tips from Masa & Leila (Montenegro 2014)?

Yes, Masa and Leila were at my promotion few days ago and they told me that I should relax and enjoy this as much as I can. The preparations started as soon as I confirmed my participation to RTCG. So, I have been rehearsing my choreography, having singing classes, trying costumes. Also I have my PR team so lot of promotion and interviews are going on.

What will your costume and stage presentation be like, can you tell us anything?

Ivana Murisic is the fashion designer for my costume. Like the title of my song ‘The storm’ says, the costume will be in layers, different combination of material, texture and color. But you have to wait Sofia to see it. 🙂

Did you hear that my country, Australia, will participate for the first time? What do you think about this? 🙂

Yes and I love the idea! It’s so good that an Australian team will be in Sofia. I love the song of Guy Sebastian who represented your country in ËSC. I would love to visit Australia one day 🙂

Now we’d like to know more about you! What are your hobbies? How long have you been singing?

I am in the first grade of Podgorica’s gymnasium so I have to study a lot. I entered the mathematical-scientific classes, since I love physics, chemistry and math. But when is time to relax, I love to meet my friends, go at the movies, take ballet classes, travel, go at the seaside or countryside. Montenegro has wonderful coast and nature; I would love to invite you here!

I have been singing since a young age and I did lot of international music festivals, hosted a TV show for children program and recorded two music albums! With this performance in JESC I would like to mark the end of my children’s career.

Do you speak any languages other than Montenegrin, or would you like to?

I speak a little bit of English and Italian. First I have to improve them and I plan to take classes.

What are your favorite things about your country?

I love many things, but specially that magical vibe that you can feel in the air when you come to Montenegro. People are kind and hospitable. We have delicious food and homemade juices. And cakes!

Quick questions!

Favourite food: national cuisine

Favourite country: I love all countries, but lets say Spain <3

Cats or dogs? Dogs

Summer or winter? Summer

Favourite book: The diary of young girl by Anne Frank

Favourite movie: Three steps above heaven

Thanks Jana, good luck!

Important links:

Official music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rDBWx9Hfa0

Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/janamirkovicmusic

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