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Monday, 24 May 2010 14:50
new for 2010?

jesc junior eurovison 201024th May 2010

ESC WEEK, ESC WEEK, ESC WEEK! Let’s take a break from the excitement of looming semi-final one for some news about Junior Eurovision 2010!

In November all the delegations will be descending on Minsk, Belarus… but just how many countries will be there? Esckaz, coming to you live from Oslo, has some rather exciting news. And guess what, busy as they are with Eurovision, we get to tell you all first!

According to esckaz, THREE new countries have subscribed to JESC for 2010, all three being new to the contest! Unfortunately this indicates no Lithuania, who must lack the finance (as does Bosnia). The sources say – one of the three is a Western country, one broadcaster has never entered JESC or ESC before, and one is a very tentative entry (likely Moldova). Look out for Hungary being one of the three. Azerbaijan is apparently so intimidated by the success of Armenia in the competition that they refused entry so as not to risk losing to them. Shame that.

We must remember, the countries could still pull out (until June 14th), as happened in 2008. For now though, celebrate JESC lovers, and hope Lithuania can find a sponsor!

The hosts are looking to be Denis Kuryan and Olga Barabanschikova (tennis player), after Maria Isabel’s management rejected the offer for her to host. Kseniya Sitnik’s English skills are not sufficient for the job apparently.

Coming up this weekend is the Russian national final, so more on that later (but I will say, they are rushing to choose a new contestant, after realizing that Katya Ryabova cannot in fact, enter again).

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JESC 2010
1 Sunday, 30 May 2010 16:02
the 10 finalists are known from the Netherlands

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