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5/12/2009 – If you’d like to watch a 15 minute news special on the Princesses and Georgia in JESC, including an extensive interview with the Princesses vocal coach, see the links below. It is in Georgian though. I’ll post the links to a few older news reports too.

30th Nov ’09 – (part 1)
30th Nov ’09 – (part 2)

Princesses rehearsing before JESC week:

A Capella performance by the Princesses from Basti Bubu studio:

Imedi – Princesses (8 minutes including performance) –

Other news reports:
Part 1 –
Part 2 –

Here’s one from a while ago, with all the Georgian national final contestants performing, plus Mariam Romelashvili. A notable absence by Bzikebi.

Despite not receiving as high a placing as they may have hoped in Kiev, Georgia’s enthusiam for JESC has not been dimmed. Some countries see the junior version as lesser to the adult ESC, but Basti Bubu labels their videos as simply “Eurovision”, which indicates to me that they place the JESC on an equal standing. (If I’m reading too much into that, blame two years of Ancient History and analysing sources.)

Below, see the changes in Mariam since 2007!

mariam romelashvili 2009


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