Ula’s turn!

Slovenia is up now. She sounds a little nervous on her first run through, still vocally strong but lacking a bit of oomph, I think she can do even better, but is probably saving it for the night. She’s wearing a white skirt and shirt, girlier looking than usual. On her 2nd run through, she kept running into problems, maybe with her mic, she sounded a little stressed out, but her family were at the back supporting her. Once she finally started, it was almost vocally perfect and the backdrop was quite stunning near the end, so this should do well.

Serbia is up!

Serbia was up first to rehearse after lunch. She was vocally very strong, no problems there. She sits at a piano for most of the song then stands in the centre of the stage for the climax. Common opinion was that she spent just a little too long sitting at the piano, long enough for viewers to get a little bored, a dancer might help. We are seeing it on the TV screens now and we have lots of close ups of Emilija. Visually good, vocally good, but will it hold viewers interest?

Euroclub night 1

Junioreurosong.net arrived in Malta yesterday. With some slight hiccups in public transport (terrible traffic!), we eventually made it in time for the end of Cyprus’s rehearsal. She sounded amazing, and uses the catwalk to great effect. We managed to talk to her after her performance, she was feeling good and seemed very nice and willing to chat to us. Later, we took free shuttle buses (with the JESC logo!) to the Euroclub, where we were able to meet everyone (except Cyprus did not go). The Georgians in particular were very lively, giving everyone hugs and socialising. While they tended to stick to groups (eg Malta and Italy together), most of the singers chatted together and seemed to have fun. Russia and Bulgaria as the two youngest girls, unable to speak English, did look a little lost however. Armenia left very early and Montenegro showed up only at the very end. Vincenzo also seemed very nice, trying hard on his English, he told us he much prefers singing to dancing, but did try the YMCA! Emilija was also very sociable. When we left at 11pm, Slovenia and Bulgaria were the only ones remaining. Interestingly, the Maltese had Glen Vella (ESC) and Daniel Testa (JESC 2008) performing, as well as Gaia performing the themesong. Check out our Facebook for pictures from the party, and here is a video:

San Marino’s 1st rehearsal!

San Marino had their rehearsal. They start lying on the stage in a circle, like @lek’s dancers from Norway 2004. They use a blue starry backdrop, which isn’t so interesting but does look nice and it has some suitable girly effects. Their vocals aren’t quite as in harmony as say Candy Music or Ukraine’s song, but individually their voices are all sounding good. On a later run through, they have started the song standing up instead. Unsure which they will use.

Josie’s 1st rehearsal!

Croatia is up next and her staging looks very impressive on the TV screen, it really suits the song and looks modern, also she uses the catwalk! The problem here is Josie’s voice, it cracks and goes off tune several times. This is the first run through though, so she has plenty of time to sound a bit smoother. Her mother was there supporting her and told us that it’s about a boy she broke up with last year, she came home and wrote EIGHT songs about the breakup. Game Over was originally written in English and is one of these songs. Guess Josie is showing him!
Here we have a video of her 2nd try. I think on her 3rd try it actually sounded better.

Montenegro rehearses!

Montenegro just had their first rehearsal! The girls took a while to get started, doing some vocal exercises first. The staging is quite nice, they enter from either side of the stage then join together. The backdrop is quite messy, not very professional, but we can see on the TV screens that it looks much more professional there. Unfortunately the girls don’t seem very familiar with their own dance, so it looks quite awkward. Vocally they are good but off in some parts. Georgia made much more of an impression and despite their good draw, Montenegro need to get this together to do well.

Georgia’s 1st rehearsal

Lizi pop

Georgia is up first to rehearse today. She started singing, but was off-key and they quickly stopped to consult. Croatia came along to watch. On her second try, she sung the full song. The background is rainbow and very nice, she was not yet in her costumes. The dancing is solid but this hasn’t quite come together yet, her vocals need a little work. On her next run-through they were indeed stronger.

Ula performs Nisi sam live

ula lozar

Last night Ula Ložar performed her Junior Eurovision song ‘Nisi Sam’ live for the first time on NPU on RTVSlo 1. She presented a slightly different version of the song which uses adult male backing vocals near the end. Belarus had to change the backing vocals in their song due to them being sung by an adult, so it is unsure whether this change is allowed, but this is Slovenia’s intended version for JESC. Ula wore a modern outfit, nothing girly just as she said, which makes a nice change indeed. Her voice is basically perfect throughout, so she should reap a lot of votes in Malta, however this change to what was the strongest part of the song may damage her as many fans do not seem to view it positively. Personally I think it still works, if she will put more oopmh into the ‘wail’ she does instead. Anyway. Slovenia is one to watch in Malta.

Theme Song for JESC 2014 revealed! #together

Together Gaia

Exciting news we have to share today! The theme song for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014 has been released! It features none other than Gaia Cauchi (winner of JESC 2013!) Similiar to previous years like 2008 and 2010, all 16 countries and their singer(s) will perform alongside a famous singer, this year that being Gaia! The song and its’ lyrics are very fitted to the theme #together and even shares the same title. It’s a very strong song, starting off with drums turning into a fun uptempo dance song. You can listen to the song if you click here! We can’t wait to hear and see all of the performers sing with Gaia!


Here are the lyrics to the song if you would like to sing along:


I believe if we do this together

You will see that life it’s so much better

Ah ah eh oh, ah ah, ah ah eh oh, ah ah

Ah ah eh oh, ah ah, ah ah eh oh, ah ah eh oh

Ah ah eh oh, ah ah eh oh, ah ah eh oh, together

Ah ah eh oh, ah ah eh oh, ah ah eh oh, together


Take my hand, understand, yes you can

All you wanted it is all in your hands

You will discover, it’s so much better to do this together

Don’t give up, just be strong, you’ll belong

To a place where we all get along

Follow your dreams, we’ll see where they lead together

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Ula releases cover of Rise Like a Phoenix

If you’re a fan of Slovenia’s entrant Ula Ložar, you’re in for a treat. She has recorded a professional music video through Karo Media with her music teachers Maraaya (Marjetka & Raay, also her producer). The song they perform is “Rise Like a Phoenix” which is Conchita Wurst’s winning Eurovision song of 2014. Will Ula repeat Conchita’s success? Only 19 days until we find out!


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