Sophia’s 2nd rehearsal!

Sophia was the last to rehearse today. She is surprising people with her extremely strong vocals. Before this week, some people were in doubt as to whether she could pull off the song, but actually she has one of the strongest voices of this competition. They told us in the press conference that she chose to sing alone as the song’s lyrics are about having to fight through some things and make it on your own, be a strong person, and that they had faith in Sophia to pull it off alone, and to distinguish her from the Netherlands and Sweden. It seems she has made the right decision, if there is any justice she will come top 5, for the performance alone. I must note, it’s an excellent song to jump up and down to in the arena, as we did, three times, it was very tiring, making it all the more impressive how Sophia manages her vocals. She also said she would love to do adult Eurovision in a few years, so maybe we’ll see her there!

Krisia’s rehearsal

Krisia had her 2nd rehearsal today, with some problems. She has recovered from the flu, but she is not able to fully use her voice yet (her vocal coach told her not to use it), so she did not sing the big parts of her song. She tried a few times, but it was not sounding awfully good. However she had a smile on her face when we cheered for her and sang along, and is ready to go strong on Saturday. She said she really wants to do a duet with Christina Aguliera and she is a big fan of her song. Stage wise, Bulgaria is the most effective. She has big steam jets at the front, and the staging is amazing. She had the most people at her press conference and there was lots of interest in Bulgaria. So it’s all about her voice, she has a big chance to win despite her current voice problems.

Ukraine’s 2nd rehearsal

Ukraine had their 2nd rehearsal, with all three of their mothers watching. They had on the same stage costumes, which look very effective. The stage backdrop is also very nice and should help their chances. Vocally it’s pretty strong, a bit shouty at times in the arena but I think on TV this will not be so much the case. The girls didn’t come to Euroclub for the last two nights, they must be resting up for the competition.

Vincenzo takes to the stage

After Russia, Vincenzo rehearsed his song. He was vocally very impressive, perhaps one note slightly off, but near perfect. Not only that but his facial expressions were full of emotion, he was really selling the song. He told us however that if he entered again, he’d prefer a song with more of a tune, he said he really liked Conchita Wurst’s Eurovision song, and he sang us a bit of it (video to come later). This will probably do quite well, there’s nothing much to fault, just have to see whether the song will appeal widely enough.

Alisa rehearsing!

Right before the lunch break, Alisa from Russia rehearsed. She was wearing a pretty white dress but it is not her stage costume. She sang quite well, about the same as before. The backdrop is blue which might be forgettable, I wonder if this will be a bit overshadowed by Italy and Malta. Alisa was very cute and had her press conference with a 13 year old Russian translator.

Betty is up!

Betty from Armenia was third up to rehearse. The stage backdrop was fairly plain, nothing impressive, however the dancing was quite unique, the dancers emerge from a mini-stage on the stage, and midway through they climb up ropes hanging off the ceiling, which looks amazing, but the camera angles we saw for the TV do not highlight this act well, so I hope they change them. This entry isn’t very popular with fans, but is underrated, I believe this will do quite well. Betty didn’t sing live at all as her voice is gone today, and she wasn’t taking interviews either.

Sweden’s 2nd rehearsal

Second to rehearse today was Julia from Sweden. She had on her stage costumes, sparkly blue all around, which looks very pretty on camera. The dance goes very well, and she is singing technically well, but her voice is perhaps not powerful enough to really sell this song to a win. Everything is good, it’s just unlikely to trouble the top three, although it is possible, it is quite catchy, especially with the English part. She had both parents and her younger sister supporting her in the audience.

The Netherlands rehearsing up 1st!

First up today was Julia from the Netherlands. She was wearing white with a gold jacket and the dancers matched, this is likely to be her stage costume. We actually only caught her from outside the hall, and her vocals sounded quite off, but apparently she sounded great inside the hall, so we’ll let you all judge from the video. The dancing seems really solid, with such a good draw Julia is still likely to do quite well. She said that she has made friends with Serbia, Sweden and Cyprus so far, but hasn’t spent much time with the others.

Belarus 1st rehearsal

Belarus was the last country to rehearse and I must say, their backdrop is stunning, the most beautiful of the day by far. The dancing and singing were both very good, there’s nothing really to fault here at all. She just needs to keep it up.

Federica’s 1st rehearsal

The host country, Malta, brought us a full house watching her first rehearsal. Federica stands on a little platform which sort of looks like Azerbaijan 2010 ESC on TV, and has fairly dark stage colours which are probably the weak point of it all (live at any rate). Her vocals were stunning, absolutely perfect, the entire arena was awestruck. This is a very likely winner. The president of Malta came to watch.

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