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Laura JESC


30/09/2009 – Hello everyone! I (Dara) would like to apologise for the total lack of updates in the last two weeks, in which a lot has happened. I’ve been in New Zealand for that time, and no one else was able to update the site. So, I think I will summarise everything for you all, and do separate biographies of the singers and national final details once everything is back up to date.


laura junior eurosongBelgium – Ten year old Laura won the Belgian Junior Eurosong with the yodeling version of Zo Verliefd (So in Love). Laura has the right mix of youth and fun song to possibly win the jESC, and with juries that makes it easier certainly. She was the clear winner in Belgium and is enjoying immense popularity at the moment. She is featured in newspapers all around Flanders and has had news crews follow her to school in Berlaar, where the entire class waited to celebrate her win.





princesses georgia


Georgia – The group “Princesses” won the Georgian national final with ‘Lurji prinveli’ (The Blue Bird). The singers are: Elene Makashvili, Mariam Gurgenidze, Liza kenia, Mari Bokeria, Ana Tkeshelashvili (Ballerina), Liza Ramishvili (Cello player). This gives us two more Mariams in JESC, making the total five now! The main idea of this song is that every girl in her childhood should feel like a princess and every boy should search for his own blue bird. The kids said:


Elene Makashvili – It is a very interesting to work together. We have read Meterlink’s “Blue bird.”

Mariam Gurgenidze – I feel like a real princess. Everything is very amazing and Fairy.

Liza Kenia – Our composition is rhythmic and energetic.

Mari Bokeria – It is very difficult to sing our song, we play and perform at the same time.

Ana Tkeshelashvili (Ballerina) – I study at Choreography school . Participating in Junior Eurovision is a very challengeable for me. I hope everything will be fine.

Liza Ramishvili (Cello player) – I have played the Cello for 6 years. Stage was unfamiliar for me. Now I see it is interesting.



malta jescMalta – Francesca Sciberras and Mikaela Bajjada from Gozo won the Maltese final with “Double Trouble”. The press in Gozo covered their win and a special parade was arranged for them with stops in their hometowns of Munxar and Fontana. In Munxar, they were greeted by the Parish Priest and the Mayor, and by a number of Munxar citizens who proudly turned out to celebrate the achievement of their young talented residents.




MSara JESCacedonia – The results for the Macedonian final were:

 1. Jovana Krstevska – Kako vi krug 4+1(66)=5
 2. Filipa, Dea and Tea – Tiki Tiki Da Da Da 12+5(136)=17
 3. Teodora Angelevska – Panika od ljubov 1+8(244)=9
 4. Martina Dojcinovska – Ljubovta e magija 0+2(88)=2
 5. Kristijan Nedelkovski – Kazhi zhelba 7+0(29)=7
 6. Sara Markovska – Za ljubovta 8+10(378)=18
 7. Marija Zafirovska – Ljubovta boli 6+4(104)=10
 8. Andrej Jovanovski – Devojke Makedonsko 2+7(183)=9
 9. Ana Avramovska – Meko R 3+6(148)=9
 10. Martina Matevska – Vodi me na Eurosong 0+0(8)=0
 11. Mila Janeska – Nema boja ljubovta 10+3(92)=13
                                        12. Ivana Simovska – Angeleski glas 5+12(414)=17
 (jury + televoting = total)


Sara Markovska won so Za Ljubovta (For Love) will be heard in the Palace of Sports come November.

Macedonia must hope they do not fare the same as they did in 2006 with a more mature sounding song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_AvI_mbXEg


The Netherlands – The acts that have qualified to the final are:


Cheyenne and Mayleen - Druk
Eva N – Yes We Can!
Bram - Rocken
Eva L - Gevangen in je hart
Ralf – Click Clack


Cheyanne and Mayleen were the wildcards (even if they are the best by far!). I predict that Ralf will win, though the Eva’s seem a very likely choice judging by the Netherlands past decisions.

ioana jescRomania –

In a surprise move, Romania has picked Ioana Bianca Anuţa and her song Ai puterea în mâna ta (The Power’s in Your Hand) to go to Kyiv. This is the first ballad they have sent since 2004 and I cannot say I am happy. At all. Romania had brilliant songs in their national final. I suspect they will place 11th-13th. 






Serbia 2009 jesc


Serbia – ‘Onaj pravi’ (The Right One) is the song that won their national final. It is sung by a group called Ništa lično. They won the national final with 22 points (10 from jury,12 from televoting).





Sweden – So like I said as soon as they announced their participation.. actuallyMimmi Sanden I said it in 2008 that they couldn’t leave until… Mimmi Sandén sings for Sweden! She will represent them this year with the song ‘Du’ (You) which is the first song she has written by herself. Sweden selected their entrant internally with Warner Records supporting the winner, so Mimmi’s is the only Swedish entry we have seen. The reaction to this song has been mostly positive, with people describing it as classier than this contest usually sees. Will the third Sandén sister finally bring the victory to Sweden? In 2006 Molly Sandén placed third with Det Finaste Någon Kan Få, then in 2007 sister Frida placed 9th with Nu Eller Aldrig.


Ani Lorak, JESC host?

Ani Lorak JESC 27/08/2009 – As yet this has not been confirmed by the EBU or Ukrainian broadcaster but it is looking likely that Shady Lady Ani Lorak who represented Ukraine in ESC 2008 will host JESC 2009! The Eurovision runner up is very famous in the ex-soviet countries and as we know, is very adept at putting on an exciting act (she will perform one of her own songs, so we may see her and Alexander Rybak on the JESC stage this year.. and Dima too if he cannot resist the spotlight :P). According to Oikotimes she will appear with a male and child co-star, but she will be the main attraction for many ESC fans I’m sure. Here’s hoping Ilona Halytska from JESC 2007 will be the child host, she is rather brilliant.

 Alexander Rybak JESC

Even if the jESC entries this year aren’t quite up to scratch, at least the intervals acts should be good.


Belarus 2010


jesc 201007/06/2009 – Two time winners of Junior Eurovision, the powerhouse of JESC (though not ESC funnily enough), has won the right to host JESC 2010! We can expect probably the best show ever from Belarus I suspect, they are strongly in support of JESC and put a lot of effort into it. A kitsch show here we come! It will be held in the Minsk Arena (being built), and will seat FIFTEEN THOUSAND people, this will be as big as Hasselt! (2008 had about 6000). Alexander Rybak is said to support this decision, and perhaps we can expect an appearance. The preliminary date for next year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest is Saturday, 20th of November, 2010. 

13 countries in

jesc stage 2009


07/06/2009 – The list of countries who will take part in JESC 2009 has been published on the official site, and the news is.. relieving, although not great. 13 countries will take part, we have lost Lithuania, Bulgaria and Greece (one of the original countries). In good news however, we have gained back Sweden (PLEASE Mimmi Sanden!). Also, the JESC will be held in the same arena as Eurovision 2005 was held in (Kyiv Sports Palace), so it should look spectacular! 


The 2009 contestants are:


  • Armenia (ARMTV)
  • Belarus (BTRC)
  • Belgium (VRT)
  • Cyprus (CyBC)
  • FYR Macedonia (MKRTV)
  • Georgia (GPB)
  • Malta (PBS)
  • The Netherlands (AVRO)
  • Romania (TVR)
  • Russia (RTR) 
  • Serbia (RTS)
  • Sweden (TV4)
  • Ukraine (NTU)

14 feb 09

14/02 – So far there are four confirmed countries participating in JESC 2009. These are:

Ukraine, The Netherlands, Belgium, Belarus

It it thought likely that Greece will withdraw from the 2009 edition, which would make Belgium, Malta, The Netherlands, Belarus, Cyprus, Romania and Macedonia the last remaining original countries.

Azerbaijan, Bosnia & Herzergovina, Israel, Turkey and Moldova are all possible new entrants for 2009, and there is a slim chance Poland will return.

Predictions 2009

JESC predictions


Junioreurosong.net has undertaken extensive research on JESC voting, and has the following predictions!





1 – Belgium (100 pts)

2 – Russia (88 pts)

3 – Ukraine (83 pts)

4 – Georgia (79 pts)

    – Belarus (79 pts)

6 – Sweden (67 pts)

7 – Armenia (58 pts)

8 – Netherlands (46 pts)

9 – Serbia (40 pts)

10 – Macedonia (39 pts)

11 – Malta (30 pts)

12 – Romania (26 pts)

13 – Cyprus (6 pts) 


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