Health scare in Ukraine

06/11/2009 – Recently Ukraine has been overwhelmed with the Flu virus, causing the government to section off parts of the country and prohibit travel between regions. Of course, this rather dampens the JESC teams plans to bring in orphans and sick children from all over the country to watch the show.We can’t have a JESC without an audience, but luckily they have finally organised the tickets. To receive tickets just send an e-mail to by the 14th of November. The request can be informal but you should point out the amount of tickets and the name of the person to whose name the tickets will be booked for.alexander rybak and katya

It’s only two weeks until the JESC and preparations are going as planned, despite the flu scare. Further to a comprehensive review of the current situation in Ukraine and discussions between European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Host Broadcaster NTU and the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, a decision has been reached that the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, will take place on 21 November at the Palats Sportu in Kyiv, Ukraine.

“The health of the young contestants from 13 countries and the production crew is our absolute priority. The EBU has received reassurances from the Host Broadcaster NTU and the Ukrainian Ministry of Health that appropriate action will be taken to reduce the risk of infection by the H1N1 flu virus. In addition, the health of all involved in the event will be monitored closely,” says Bjørn Erichsen, TV Director at the EBU.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Health assured, amongst other measures, to provide daily health check-ups of those who are working and participating at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, additional hygiene facilities at official event locations and flu information points, staffed with medical experts. The EBU already distributed the Ministry of Health’s hygiene recommendations to all participating delegations.

The WHO continues to recommend no closing of borders and no restrictions on international travel, including to Ukraine. Experience shows that such measures will not stop further spread of the virus, the WHO states on its website (source:
Sweden is still threatening to withdraw if they are worried, but we must hope they will abstain. They’ve announced that they will air the show the next morning and use a 100% televote.  It is seeming rather like.. Sweden doesn’t care about JESC at all.. with no national final either. A sort of… send Mimmi then we’re out.. situation I’m sensing. I hope not, Sweden has more than just the Sanden’s.. however brilliant they are.
On a fun note, Bobi Andonov has released two episodes of his vlog now –
ep 1 –
ep 2 –

Ani’s interview with official site


Ani Lorak Junior Eurovision


Halloween 2009 – Ani Lorak has told the official site of the JESC about her plans for this years JESC. I’ll now utilise my copy and paste function, and you my dear reader, can enjoy this interview. Most interesting thing about it? She’s hosting for free, very generous of her!

Do you remember the moment you found out that the 2009 Junior Eurovision Song Contest would take place in Ukraine?

About three months ago I saw one of the posters in the city and was very happy because I think that Ukraine deserves to host this contest. We’re a very hospitable nation and undoubtedly, we’ll organise the contest at the highest level.

Why did you agree to become the host of the 2009 Junior Eurovision Song Contest?

I’ll tell you a secret – though this is not a secret, actually – my participation in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest is non-profit. My decision to become the host of the event is purely patriotic. I want Ukraine only to have a positive image in Europe. Many remember my performance at the last year’s Eurovision Song Contest, my emotions on the stage. When Europe sees me on the screen again, some people will recall me, smile, and maybe even be surprised (in the good sense of the word). I plan to start thorough preparation for the contest because I want the viewers to enjoy the beauty, music and skills of the host.

Have you already had any thoughts on how will you host the contest? After all, kids aren’t grown-ups, they need a special approach?

I am convinced this won’t be hard for us. I am not far from childhood – there is a little girl in me who looks at the big world with a happy smile, believes that there are more good people than bad ones, and genuinely believes in goodness. I think this will unite me with the kids – the dream, the smile, the positive thinking. Anyway, I love kids, they are the loveliest and appreciating audience. So I am sure we will have a good time.

When you get your own kids, would you want them to perform on stage?

To be honest, I’d prefer my children wouldn’t go to show-business. There is a load of hard day-to-day work hiding behind stage lights. And if you don’t give your heart out, you wouldn’t have real success. If I start doing something, I fully commit to that task. For me, the work started immediately after I agreed to host the 2009 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. I’m thinking about this 24/7, working on something within myself, adding something, possibly even finding something new.

What goals do you personally have as the host of the 2009 Junior Eurovision Song Contest?

Our main goal is to give to people so much love, sunshine, energy, talent, that they forget where they are and, at least for these two hours, land in the world of music and beauty. Our goal – to hypnotise all of Europe and everyone coming to Ukraine so that they fall in love with our country, our Ukrainian soul. Because Ukraine is full of sincere and warm-hearted people.

Voting 2009

jesc poll

Junior Eurovision Favourites Poll 2009!

You may or may not have noticed the link on the left, ‘JESC 2009 – the vote’. That is’s official poll of 2009, to find out who is the people’s favourite to win this years Junior Eurovision! If you haven’t yet voted, do so now. Everyone gets one vote, so choose carefully. This is who you WANT to win.

Want a sneak peak of the results? Here are the current top 5!

belgium 2009 jesc macedonia jesc 2009 malta jesc 2009 sweden jesc 2009 netherlands jesc 2009


 The full results and scores will be released during Euroweek!

jesc 2009

All the hosts for Ukraine

jesc hosts25/10/2009 – As we announced earlier in the year, Ani Lorak will be hosting the JESC in Kyiv. With her will be Timur Miroshnichenko and Dmytro Borodin. They were selected out of 74 candidates. Ani is famous for being the runner up in the Eurovision 2008 in Serbia, anani lorak jescd she will perform a remix of Shady Lady and her latest song I’m Alive on the JESC stage. Timur has been the Ukrainian commentator for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, the Eurovision Song Contest and the Eurovision Dance Contest for Ukraine for several years.

Dmytro Borodin was chosen to be the Green Room reporter. His job will be to interview the kids during the show, and to relieve tensions, and make the kids and audience entertained. Artem Nikiforov and Kateryna Tymoshenko, other finalists, will host the internet backstage coverage. They will be broadcasting on during Euroweek, to keep us covered with all that is happening in Ukraine.The online content will all be in English and is uniqudimitrye to JESC 2009, as in, no other country has has pre-shows online as well as the actual event. 




Right –> Child host Dymtro

Betting odds 2009

25/10/2009 – Vivarobet, an Armenian betting agency has published their first odds for the Junior Eurovision 2009. The odds are:

Ukraine – 4.50
The Netherlands – 6.00
Russia – 8.00
Armenia – 10.00
Belgium – 10.00
Georgia – 10.50
Macedonia – 10.50
Sweden – 11.00
Serbia – 11.00
Belarus – 11.00
Romania – 11.00
Cyprus – 11.00
Malta – 20.00

They’ve picked Ukraine to win (they always seem to be the favourites..), with Ralf from the Netherlands coming in second. Double Trouble seemingly in with no chance. Betting agencies however, are usually quite far off the mark when it comes to JESC..



Stockholm 2011?

limelights junior eurovision13/10/2009 – Sweden is looking likely to place a bid to host Junior Eurovision 2011. Currently they are the only Scandinavian JESC participant not to host JESC (Denmark hosted in 2003, then Norway in 2004). Although they withdrew in 2008, Sweden has returned for 2009 and are making every effort to turn the contest into a more serious starting ground for young singers. Russia and Malta are also potential contenders to host, as they both placed bids for 2010, but lost out to Belarus. 


The draw!

stage jesc

12/10/2009 – Here is the draw for 2009!

01. Sweden
02. Russia
03. Armenia
04. Romania
05. Serbia
06. Georgia
07. The Netherlands
08. Cyprus
09. Malta
10. Ukraine
11. Belgium
12. Belarus
13. FYR Macedonia

They say this is the most diverse order. I can’t get past Belarus being 12th. Is that not just handing them the trophy?

News from the 12th Nov 09


junior eurovision theme


This year the stage has been designed by Mikael Varhelyi and Viktor Brattström. They will use LED lights on and around the stage. Ukranian artwork depicting flowers and growth will also be present. There will be catwalks on the stage for which will feature the backing dancers and interval/opening/closing dancers. The stage will contain two bleachers, as in, there will be an audience sitting right there on stage, which should offer an improvement to last year when Cyprus placed senior officials at the front which made for quite a dull experience. Hopefully they will be allowed flags and signs on stage, I know in some television shows the stage audience must not show signs. The greenroom will be located next to the stage, as in 2007/2008, and it will be decorated with balloons. When filming, they will use less camera angles than usual, instead focusing on the performers, and capturing their emotions.

jesc stage 2009


Ruslan Tkachenko, Executive Producer of the 2009 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, has spoken about JESC 2009.”The concept of the artistic design is based on an authentic Ukrainian ornament. The logo amendments represent the tree of life,” Tkachenko explained. Oleksandr Dmytrenko, Venue Manager, presented the Palats Sportu, where the 2009 Junior Eurovision Song Contest will take place, and explained how Host Broadcaster NTU will turn the hall in a fully equipped TV event venue. Luckily Ukraine hosted ESC in 2005 so they do have experience with this.

The show will be opened by the children’s ballet A6 and the Jazz-Step Dance Class of Volodymyr Shpudeyko. A6 ballet is made up several dance performances and musicals and dozens of unique dance performances especially for the shows and video clips of Ukrainian and Russian pop stars. Pulse, a children’s dance troupe will then join in. Young acrobats Karyn Rudnycka and Yuriy Kuzynsky will then accompany all participating contestants on stage during the opening act. When they announce each country, the acrobats will perform tricks alongside them.

NTU is still in negotiations with various artists to perform during the interval act, as well as the host(s) of the show.The art during the show along with the postcards will use claymation, which is a first for Eurovision. The contestants will learn about this during Euroweek.

Victoria Romanova, Event Manager on behalf of NTU, presented the Ukrainian House as host of the welcome party, to take place on Monday the 16th of November (19:00 local time). The after-party will take place at the delegations’ hotel.


Today Marietta and Timur Miroshnychenko hosted the official draw, which took place at the Blockbuster Entertainment Centre in Kyiv. Sweden will open the show, while Macedonia will clojesc 2009 the drawse it. Ukraine will perform tenth. The other countries were split into two, and the officials will pick where they are placed in the running order. Georgia, Russia, Romania, Serbia and Armenia were drawn in the first group, and will thus perform in the first half of the show. The Netherlands, Malta, Belgium, Cyprus and Belarus were drawn in the second group, and will thus perform in the second half.

The draw is possibly not very good for Sweden, as their song would more be described as classy than catchy, so they may not be able to pick up many votes, as generally the songs towards the end fare better. Whoever gets placed second last will be in a very strong position, as Macedonia has little chance of winning. Theoretically, we’re looking at a lineup like:

1 – Sweden
2 – Russia
3 – Georgia
4 – Armenia
5 – Serbia
6 – Romania
7 – Belarus
8 – The Netherlands
9 – Malta
10 – Ukraine
11 – Cyprus
12 – Belgium
13 – Macedonia

That’s entirely a guess though, we’ll see, soon!

12/10/09 news



12/10/2009 – Today the running order will be decided for 2009! The Junior Eurovision Song Contest Steering Group chairman Steve de Coninck-de Boeck will conduct the first part of the draw, where he will choose which country opens and closes the show, and when Ukraine (as the host country), will perform. The Steering Group and the producers of the show then gather on Monday night and choose the order of everyone else. They do this so that they can spread the genres out. All the delegation heads are now visiting Palats Sportu where JESC will be held, which is also where Eurovision was held in 2005. Hopefully it looks just as good! We will see, and indeed anyone can watch it even live, as tickets are free! You can get tickets by invititation only, and we’ll inform you of when to apply.


Click here to hear a different version of Belarus’s entry by Yuriy Demidovich!

The last 2 finals!

3/10/2009 – Tonight the final two countries select who will be going to Kiev. Cyprus will air their contest at 20:15 local time

Cyprus JESC To watch the live stream click here.

Cyprus has been very mysterious about the contestants and has not released any previews or even the names of the singers.

 The names of the songs are:

Μια χαρούμενη μέρα – Mia haroumeni mera – A happy day
Μες στην τάξη – Mes stin taxi – In the classroom
Α μπε πα μπλομ – A pe ba blom – (gibberish)
Ανακύκλωση ζωής – Anakyklosi zois – Recycling of life
Κόσμος μαγικός – Kosmos magikos – Magic world
Ζω – Zo – I live
Θάλασσα, ήλιος, αέρας, φωτιά – Thalassa, ilios, aeras, fotia – Sea, sun, air, fire
Παιδιά κάτω από τον ίδιο ουρανό – Pedia kato apo ton idio ourano – Children under the same sky


The Netherlands will have a face-off between five songs in their Junior Eurovision Song Festival – 


ralf jesc
eva n jesf
bram netherlands


 eva l jsf
 Cheyenne and Mayleen - Druk
Eva N – Yes We Can!

Bram - Rocken
Eva L - Gevangen in je hart
Ralf – Click Clack
 cheyanne mayleen

Schools have been campaigning in support of their favourites, banners have been put up around the contestants towns, the atmosphere leading up to the finale is tense but excited. All day backstage reports have been coming in here. At 18:05 Dutch time a pre-finale report will begin, then the real show starts at 19:00.



Once both countries have selected we’ll have all 13 songs for 2009, and will launch
a special prediction poll area, along with lots of 2009 special features, so stay tuned for that. (And on an entirely biased note, PLEASE Holland vote for Cheyanne & Mayleen! Say NO to ballads in 2009!)

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