Lyrics for Latvia 2010

sarlote lenmane
Lyrics – Latvia 2010
Šarlote Lēnmane – Viva la dance

Latvian: (english below)

Kāpēc atkal vēji klusē?
Kāpēc pulksteņi tik ātri skrien?
Nāciet manā saules pusē
Te var dejot arvien

Jo parole ir: Viva la dance
Pasaule kā menuets sens
Tā griežas un tā parāda kā
Dejo, dejo, dejo tā
Jo parole ir: viva la dance
Pasaule kā menuets sens
Vienalga vai tev daudz vai nekā
Dejo, dejo, dejo, dejo tā
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Lyrics for the Netherlands 2010

Senna & Anna – My Family
Lyrics: [in Dutch, English translation below]

my family lyrics jesc senna anna

My family (2x)
Mijn moeder loopt te stressen want het huis is weer een troep
Mijn vader is steeds aan het werk, hoort nooit haar hulpgeroep
Mijn broertje laat me nooit met rust, ik erger me groen en geel
Mijn zus zit maar te puberen, o nee dit wordt teveel!

My family!
Doet so crazy!
I hate you and I love you
Very much
My family!
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Lyrics for Malta 2010

Nicole Azzopardi – Knock, Knock! … Boom! Boom!
Growing up’s not heard or seen
Nature reaps in time …
Silently and naturally 
Just as saying, one, two, three, …
And suddenly! 
With one look we see ourselves
Like grown ups see themselves. 
Great changes!
And we feel we hold the key … 
The world within our reach!
Knock! Knock! 
We’re here at the door
We’ve grown! We’ll grow more
Hear us … 


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Lyrics for Armenia 2010

JESC 2010 Armenia:
Vladimir Arzumanyan – Mama



There is this girl in our yard,
She plays the piano,
When she sees me from far away,
She turns the other cheek.

When I walk side by side with her,
She takes offense and goes away,
I love her,
It does not even occur to her

I don’t know what else I can do
so that she says hello to me and knows,
That I love her,
Mum, tell me now.
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