Lyrics of Romania 2007

4kids – Shalala 

The song Sha-la-la is an up-tempo tune about the group itself! Four kids making fun, making music and eager to score a smashing hit!

(in Romanian)
Ia, priviti la noi
Suntem artisti de soi
Cu talent necontestat
Astazi incercam
Un cantec sa lansam
Cu succesul garantat
Sa-l fredoneze toti spectatorii
Daca si ei l-au invatat

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Lyrics for Portugal 2007

The song is about the desire to sing when you think about your loved one, and the desire to be together.


 Foi um sonho, foi um momento

Que ficou no meu pensamento

És a luz que me ilumina

Toda a noite e todo o dia


Cada vez que canto

O meu sonho está aqui

Cada vez que canto

Pense em ti

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Lyrics for Cyprus 2007

 The song is about the joy of singing together, as long as you live, for your friends and loved ones.

(in Greek)
Tragoudia dinata…..mia zoi
Ego tha tragoudo
i notes san poulia
Na petoun, psila ston ourano

Ma ego den ksero tin a po
Monaxa ksero na tragoudo

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Lyrics for Armenia 2007

Arevik – Yerazanq 

The song Erazanq (A Dream) is about the moon, the sun and the fairy, that hopefully makes all your dreams come true.

(in Armenian)
Mets erknqum paylogh astgher
Dzez khndrum em indz hima tareq verev,
Vor erknqic nayem nerqev,
Im paylov siro luyser ayntegh varem.
Im lav sirun, poqrik lusin,
Qez khndrum em yes du indz dir qo usin,
Togh erkusov paylenk u shoghank, vor
Bolorin tva, te ka erku lusin.

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Lyrics for Belgium 2007

  Trust – Anders

The song Anders (Differently) is about teenage life and all emotions that brings into your life, as well as how to deal with those emotions.

(in Dutch)
Er schuilt een oorlog in mezelf
Duizenden vragen zonder antwoord
Wie ben ik, wat ben ik
En is er iemand die van mij houdt

Mama, heb ik een hart mama
Zie mij hier staan mama
Wat deed ik fout mama
Is dit wat ik verdien
Ben ik slecht misschien
Ik voel pijn mama
Dan ben ik toch niet van steen
Dan ben ik toch niet van steen

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