Interview with Dasha, Alina & Karina (ft. Svetlana)

November 27 2008 – Interview with Dasha, Alina, Karina and Svetlana (Kseniya’s mother/the trio’s vocal coach). Questions submitted by members of the public online.

Who manages the decision-making on jury voting? Whether you know results of voting of jury?


Svetlana Statsenko: I know nothing about results of voting. I do not understand what the purpose of the juries is. It seems to me to stop Belarus.


Svetlana Adamovna, I heard, that you consider the winner not as a song. And if you were the spectator would vote for it? Will you agree, it was original and was looked very advantageously on a background of all other songs?


Svetlana Statsenko: the Georgian children had an original, good number, but I have a question on age. I have worked with children for twenty years and correctly I define children from 5 till 18 years. In my opinion, it was not worthy of a 10 year old. We too have children aged 6-7 who could execute something similar, and they would be applauded. They had an original, interesting musical composition. If I have seen this number at other competition, I would give it high points. But consider, that “Eurovision” is competition of a song which must be sung in a national language, it seems that in Georgia there was a new national language. This song is not suitable for this competition.


Svetlana Adamovna how do you think the trio performed? Did our girls deserve 6th place?

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A 2004 interview with @lek

An interview from 2004:

Name: Aleksander Moberg, @lek

Age: 15

Hometown: Drammen, Norway

Family: Robert, my twin brother. Grethe, my mother and Aage, my father

What is the song about? It’s about how it is to become a star and thoughts and feelings the person has about being famous and popular. It tells you that life as a star isn’t always as easy as we think. My song gives you an idea about how it feels to be a star.

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