Sara Markoska talks to us

sara markoska


sara markoska30/10/2009 – Sara Markoska, who will carry Macedonia’s dreams in the Junior Eurovision 2009, has granted with an exclusive interview.

Hi Sara, congratulations on winning the Macedonian preselection!

1. Can you introduce yourself to the readers? Tell us a bit about yourself 🙂
-Hey guys… I’m Sarah and I’m from Macedonia. I’m 14 years old and I’m an eight grader. I’m persistent, kind and a friendly girl with a big heart and a clean soul 🙂
My greatest love is singing. I’ll represent Macedonia on JESC this year with my song “For Love”. I’m also dancing, playing piano, hanging with friends and studying of course 🙂

2. What inspired you to write “ For Love”? Can you tell everyone what it is about? Did you have any help in creating your entry?
-This time I met one boy and I liked him very very much 🙂 For the first time in my life I felt the butterflies in my stomach. So that was my inspiration to write the text and to create basic melody later on. I want to say thanks to my sister Emi, who helped me write the text!

3. How did you feel when you were announced the winner?
-I was very excited and happy and felt like crying at the same time. I was stunned. I reached the stage and sang the song one more time. It was great 🙂

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Cheyanne & Mayleen speak to

cheyanne mayleen

28/10/2009 – Here is an exclusive interview with Cheyanne and Mayleen from the Netherlands!They were finalists from 2009 and they sang ‘Druk’.

Hi Cheyenne, Hi Mayleen! Thanks for doing an interview. When did you two first become interested in singing? Does anyone else in your families sing?

Chey: I already sang when I was little with my dad. He is a good singer.

May: I liked to dance and sing when I was very little. At school we had once a year a playback show which I joined. When I was 8 or 9 years old my teacher at school told my mum that I could sing. At the age of 10 I went to a musical club and met Chey. I sang a duet with a boy about having a sexy night with each other hahahaha. No one else in my family sings but my grandmother was a very good accordion player. When we were 13 we both played one of the 10 kids in the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. It was a great time. Unfortunately we had to stop because of JSF. We are allowed to perform 24 times a year. That’s because kids have to go to school and not to work in the Netherlands. It’s the law.

chey may jsf 2009What other hobbies do you have besides singing?

Chey: Dancing, acting, and shopping

May: dancing, singing and chilling/ shopping with my friends.

What made you decide to enter the Junior Song Festival? Whose idea was ‘Druk’? Did you receive much adult help with your entry? Or guidance?

We decided to make Druk, which means Busy (not pressure! Which we saw on the internet), because we have to do a lot of things. But we like what we are doing. We didn’t get much adult help.

When did you find out you’d made it through, how did you feel? When performing on stage, were you nervous?

May: When we heard that we were one of the 10 finalists I began to cry and said… ik ben zo blij… it means: I am so happy. When we heard that we could go to the finals, because of the wildcard, I started to cry again and said: Ik ben blij.. Alweer!.. That means: I m so happy.. Again!… People have to laugh about it and I hear it still a lot. On stage I was a little nervous but I enjoyed it a lot.

Chey: I was trilled to hear we got through. I did not expect it at all. In the first live show I was a little nervous. The Final show was much better.

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Interview with Chloe Boleti

16/09/2009 – Chloe Boleti, the Greek participant from JESC 2006 has granted an exclusive interview to!

When did you first become interested in singing?

Ever since I can remember! My Mum was a singer/dancer so I was always around music!

What are your other hobbies? (Except for singing)
The internet, watching movies and contemporary dance!

Which one of your JESC national final songs was best?
If you mean out of the 3 songs I personally entered, then I suppose I would say “Mazi me sena” (“Never Never”) from 2003, but they all mean something different to me!

What do you think about JESC?
I think it is a fantastic idea and a great way for children to share their talent, however, it is very flawed and this actually may end up hurting the children!

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Melissa Interview (Netherlands 08 finalist)

16/09/2009 – Melissa Engelhart, (now known as M’lissa) is a Dutch singer and was a participant in the Junior Song Festival For Europe 2008. She placed 5th overall with the song ‘Als ik in de lucht kijk’. She has a new song called ‘Little Sign’ which you can watch by clicking here. She has granted an interview, so here it is! Also check out the video message.

Melissa JESC Netherlands JSFWhen did you become interested in singing?

When I was a little girl from 5 years old. My father was always singing.
Once on a show of my father I sang a song with him, that was the beginning.

What are your other hobbies? (Apart from singing)

My hobbies are: acting, painting/drawing, I play the piano and play guitar and I like to spent time with my friends.

What do you think about JESC?

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Ia Orjonikidze – interview

Ia Orjonikidze


15/09/2009 – Exclusively for, we present you with an interview from Ia Orjonikidze! Ia is a Georgian singer who participated in the 2007 and 2008 national finals with the songs ‘Butterfly Rock’ and ‘Harale’.


When did you first become interested in singing?
When I was 3 years old, I went to studio “Basti Bubu”. It was my first contact to music. Then I went to personal teacher of vocal.
What are your other hobbies? (Expect for singing)
Dancing, skating, listening to music, make designs, taking photos, watching movies and sleeping 🙂
What do you think about JESC?
JESC is my favorite music contest. It’s very interesting and amazing. I like it very much.
Did you like the winner of JESC 2007 and 2008?
In 2007 and 2008 both winners were very cute and they were exectly in format of JESC.

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Bzikebi Interview

11/09/2009 – Bzikebi

 Bzikebi in Belarus

Bzikebi have given an interview during their visit to Belarus. Here is a translated (by version:


 Click here to watch the interview


What countries you did visit after victory at the competition? Where did you enjoy most?

– After winning JESC we have traveled to Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus and all around Georgia. We often go to Georgia. We enjoyed it all.
Is this your first time in Minsk? What is your impression of the city?

– We are very glad to be present here. Belorussians are very warm people. Your city is very beautiful.
Will Georgia be entering Eurovision next year?

– Yes!
How did the victory change your life?

– We have appeared in so many popular concert programs in Georgia, we do this very often now!

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Alexandros speaks to 4 years after JESC

29/03/09 – Alexandros Houndas, the Greek representative for 2005 gives an exclusive interview!


alex and kalli

Alex represented Greece in Junior Eurovision 2005 with the song Tora Ine I Sira Mas (It’s Our Turn Now) where he and his partner Kalli placed 6th. This makes him Greece’s most successful entrant to date. He gives us an interview with information on JESC and his current career.
 Q: When did you first become interested in singing/dancing? Who are your role models?

A: I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember! Everything I found in front of me, I turned it into a microphone. Okay, more “professionally”, I started to apply myself when I was 14 years old, when I participated at the Greek final of Junior Eurovision with my song “Tha ‘thela”.

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Interview with Dino Jelusic from 2005

Here is an interview from 2005 JESC with Dino Jelusic who won jesc 2003. Hello, Dino – welcome to Hasselt. How are you?


Dino: I’m fine. It’s great to be here in Hasselt. It is a beautiful city. I am looking forward to this year’s Junior Eurovision competition which will be very tough. It will be hard to win. Have you got any tips for your sister Lorena who is participating for Croatia this year?


Dino: Actually, just one piece advice. She has to feel good. That’s it. Can you tell us a bit about her song?


Dino: Sure, it’s a fantastic rock song. It’s about falling in love with a boy.


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Interview with the hosts of JESC 2005

Here is an interview with the hosts of JESC 2005.

Lillehammer, November 18, 2004 (Thursday)

Nadia and Stian, the hosts of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2004, have been buzzing around Haakons Hall all week like two bundles of energy. managed to interrupt their rehearsals to find out what exactly they’re doing in the days before the big show.

“We’ve been on the stage most of the day, practising our texts and costume changes,” says Stian, as he drinks what he says is his tenth coffee of the day. “We also have to be able to get from one side of the stage to the other between songs so we’ve been making sure we’re ready for that.”

“Things are going smoothly,” he adds. “Maybe a little too smoothly! So far nothing’s gone wrong. We had our final meeting last night to discuss the show so it’s past the time where things are open for discussion. That means we can just concentrate on rehearsing.”

“And of course there are lots of interviews to do,” adds Nadia with a smile. “We also spend quite a lot of time being around the kids and showing our support.”


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Interview with Christina Christofi

 Here is an interview that Eurovision Cyprus conducted with Christina who represented Cyprus in JESC 2006.
christina christofi


ESCCY: What was the experience you get when you participate in the Junior Eurovision?
Christina Christofi: Very good, I made many new friends; I also improved the way with which I stand on the stage. I learned how to work with cameras. It was a very good experience.
ESCCY: Do you continue speaking with friends that you made through the competition?
CC: Yes sure I still speak with them via e-mail; I have their telephone numbers and I communicate with them very often.
ESCCY: Before the contest do you believe that you would occupy the 8th place with 58 points from 10 countries?
CC: I didn’t expect that and especially for Cyprus, a very small island, that it would accomplish 8th place since other big countries take part in the competition. We see the same also in the Eurovision and in the Junior Eurovision that it exists because of the exchange of votes from neighbouring countries.

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