Lizi Pop: “I want Belgium to come back!”

Yesterday, we were lucky to talk to the very sweet Lizi Pop from Georgia! She told us some very interesting things, like her biggest dream (and it’s something you would expect from an eleven year old!). She revealed that her French is ‘absolument magnifique’ (Georgian, Russian, French,.. What else?!) and sang part of Happy Day for us with her dancers! She is incredibly sweet and very active, which led to a very cute reaction when we mentioned the Euroclub… She finally had a very unexpected message for the Junior Eurovision fans… What exactly? Watch the video and you will see!

We’re sorry the interview cut in a bit late, we had problems with the camera!

Link to the interview!

Interview with Betty from Armenia!

Betty JESC

To celebrate the release of the Armenian music video, here is an exclusive interview with the Armenian singer, Betty!

Hi Betty! First can you tell a bit about yourself, what are your hobbies?

My name is Elizabeth Danielyan, for short Betty and this is how I am called by everyone!  I am 11 years old and I still go to school. I have a different range of hobbies, but mostly I am interested in making origami, I love embroidery art, writing lyrics and poems.

You’re already well-known in Armenia, what is it like to host a TV show?

It is quite fun. I get lots of communication and interpersonal skills, which are very useful for both my singing career and for every day life as well. It is so fascinating to take an interview from various types of people such as famous and well known artists in Armenia or just interviewing my peers.

Do you have time to play outside and stuff still?

Currently I am really very busy taking classes in voice, having lots of rehearsals, taking part in different charity based events and concerts. So I would say that there is not much time left to spend playing outside. Anyway, whenever I get a free minute, I spend it with my friends and family, so to say with dearest and nearest.

What inspired your song? What is it about?

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Interview with Federica from Malta!

federica falzon

Here’s a treat for you all to celebrate all 16 songs being released, an exclusive interview with Malta’s representative Federica!

Hi Federica, congratulations on representing Malta this year, it’s a big honour to follow in the footsteps of a winner, how do you feel, representing Malta just after Gaia won?

I agree it is a big honour. I am proud to be representing Malta. Last year I was screaming with delight when my close friend Gaia won the Junior Eurovision. I don’t know if I can do as well as Gaia but I shall try my best to make my country very proud.

How did you get selected to enter JESC, whose idea was it?

The national television station, PBS, asked if I would like to take part. This was after I had won Ti Lascio una Canzone on the Italian national TV Rai Uno. Here is one of the series of appearances on RAI Uno

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Interview with Ula from Slovenia

ula lozar

Hi everyone, the very sweet Ula Ložar from Slovenia has given an interview. Read on!

Hi Ula, first can you tell a bit about yourself, what are your hobbies?

I am all into music, but I also really like to cook, crochet, draw paintings. In my free time family is really important to me. Me, my sister and mum and dad often go to woods to walk and have some fun time.

It’s pretty exciting to be Slovenia’s first participant! How have people in Slovenia reacted about you being selected, has anyone commented?

Well I got great feedbacks from the minute it was known I would represent Slovenia, but after the song was released it was just unbelievable how people reacted, everybody was so excited and I got so many positive feedbacks, comments for the song and the video and I am really looking forward to be the first Slovenian ever on JESC!

Can you explain your song, what is it about? What do you like best about it?

Empathy, friendship, counting on each other, supporting each other and knowing how we are never really alone. How the word is not always enough and that actions count. I just want them to be overwhelmed with my emotions when I sing to them. The best thing is that I like the song the same as I like the songs on my iphone. Children my age don’t listen to children-alike songs, we mostly have the chart hits on our iphones, like Beyonce, Jessie J,Little Mix, Justin Bieber. One Direction… They have cool songs and nothing childish about them. And I have my song in this company as well.

Since Slovenia is new to JESC, have you ever had a chance to see Junior Eurvision before, did you like any songs from other countries? What about adult Eurovision?

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Exclusive Interview with Sophia from Cyprus

I am pleased to present an exclusive interview with the Cypriot representative for 2014 – Sophia Patsalides. Keep reading to find out all about Sophia, and remember to vote for Cyprus if you like her song!

sophia patsalides

So firstly, can you tell everyone a bit about yourself and what your song is about? How did the writing process work?

Hello, it is a pleasure to have you interview me! Well, my name is Sophia Patsalides and I’m thirteen years old-almost fourteen-.I’m in love with music and this year I have the honour of representing my country in this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest! The song is titled The most beautiful day’’.With this song I want to convey the message that everything is going to be okay and that after the storm there’s always a rainbow! Look on the bright side of life! I have worked on the composition of the song with composer Alex Panayi and co-written the lyrics with Stavros Stavrou. I am very honored to have them as my Junior Eurovision team, along with Katerina Christofidou who together with Alex Panayi will have the responsibility of vocal coaching. We manage, while getting work done… to have lots of fun! They are an amazing team of people and I love them all!!

How did you get selected to represent Cyprus?

Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation, proposed to me the representation at JESC after an internal selection, based on a proposal by Silver Spotlight, a very succesful Production Company, based in Cyprus. They made it public on the 21st of July…and I still can’t believe it!

Have you ever watched any past Junior Eurovision shows, what songs have you liked?

Of course, I’m actually a really big fan of JESC and ESC! I really liked ‘’Oneira’’ and ‘’The Start’’!

How much time every week do you spend singing and songwriting, is it a big part of your life? What do you do for fun?

I spend many hours every single day singing, playing the piano and composing because I love it so much! Music is a huge part of my everyday life. I sit at the piano and sing for endless hours!

What are your goals for Malta? Are you looking forward to JESC?

Participating means the world to me, I definitely look forward to it! It will be an outstanding experience, which I will keep close to my heart forever!

How does it feel that you will take part in such an international competition with such a huge audience all over the world?

I feel very honored that my country trusts me with the Junior Eurovision representation, and at the same time I feel the responsibility of making my country proud! It will really be an amazing experience that I wish to share it with everyone in Cyprus!!

What are you most nervous about for JESC? And what are you most excited for?

To be honest the enthusiasm is so big that it overcomes the fear and nerves. Right now I am just so excited and I can’ t wait!

What kind of music do you like in general?

A singer that I admired from a young age is Beyonce. Growing up, I opened up to other singers and genres as well, e.g Christina Aguilera, Adele, the legendary band Queen-which I adore-, Billy Joel, John Lennon as well as Aerosmith and of course Celine Dion. I am pretty much open to any artist or genre as long as the music is good and inspires me!

Thank you Sophia, stay tuned for more information about her song everyone!

Interview with Nicole Azzopardi

Nicole Azzopardi banner

18 September 2010

Nicole Azzopardi, the Maltese representative for 2010, has given us an exclusive interview! Read on, and remember to cast a vote for Malta in November!

Nicole Azzopardi Junior Eurovision 2010Hi Nicole! Firstly, congratulations on the victory! Were you expecting “Knock Knock..Boom Boom!” to do well in the competition?

Thanks a lot  😀 ! I truly believed in the song and the whole package.  The whole team and I worked very hard to put up the show. Though there were many good songs and JESC described this edition of the Malta Eurosong as the best ever, I was expecting that my song places in a high position, nevertheless, I like to keep my feet on the ground and gave my very best.  I truly liked all of the songs, each had something special, I could not stop singing and dancing to all the songs in the greenroom during the festival.

You have entered the Junior Eurosong in Malta several times before since 2007, how do you feel you have developed as a singer since “Life is a Playground”?

Life is a playground was my first experience at JESC.  I was only 10 years old and the youngest of all the contestants.  Today I feel I have matured more and gained a lot of experience.

Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself and what your song is about?

I am always on the lookout for something new.  There is never a dull moment in my life and I am always surrounded by friends and pets. People describe me as bubbly and fun to be with.  My song is about a girl between childhood and youth. The song is about the message young people want to share which serves as a reminder to adults that the kids of today are the adults of tomorrow.

The JESC community is calling the 2010 national final the best ever from Malta – which other songs were your favourite?

Certainly there was a lot of high quality material.  I can’t pick just one tune. All songs were great. I am very proud and happy to have won this edition.
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X!NK interview

August 18th 2010 – X!NK

Remember X!NK, who represented Belgium at the Junior Eurovision 2003? We had the chance to interview Jonas, the lead singer of the band about their experiences at the JESC and what they have been up to since then!

– Hi Jonas! First let’s start with the JESC, back in 2003. It was the very first Junior contest ever, what did you expect before the contest? Was it like you thought it would be?

I have no idea, I had no expectations I guess. It just was so pure and fun. We had a great time.

– Were you happy with your placing, Belgium’s best until 2009? How did you feel during the voting?

Yeah of course, It’s a nice feeling that you’re the Belgian best. The voting was nice, we didn’t expect anything. We were just so glad that we were there and experiencing it all.

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Interview with Nicolai

22nd March 2010 – Nicolai

Nicolai Kielstrup
from Denmark has spoken to about his experience in Junior Eurovision and what he’s been doing since JESC. In Hasselt he achieved 4th place with 121 points, and he did it performing in 2nd position – a known “unlucky” spot. Shake Shake Shake may have brought him to fame, but since then he’s released three albums including Deja Vu: Tilbage til Mig, which is the most mature and professional to date.

Hello Nicolai, thank you for doing this interview! You were 14 years old when you entered MGP Nordic, when did you first become interested in performing?

I started dancing at the age of 4, and that progressed into singing.

nicolai kielstrupYour song for Junior Eurovision – Shake Shake Shake, what made you decide to write it? Who helped you create it?

I had decided that I wanted to participate in the Danish Junior Eurovision so that is why I wrote the song. I wrote the text myself and had a bit of help with the music from a friend.

The choreography was very impressive in Hasselt, how much work went into your performance that night?

My dancers and I spent many many hours practising before the JESC. We trained several times a day up till the competition.

What was your favourite experience of the JESC, and what was your least favourite?

What I remember most is the fantastic experience it was to stand on that big stage in Hasselt. The great decorations and the thought that millions of TV viewers were watching. The whole trip was a huge experience for me.

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Interview with Lindsay Daenen

lindsay daenen14/11/2009 – Linday Daenen who represented Belgium in 2005 with the French language song Mes Rêves (My Dreams), has given an interview! She talks about JESC, and her life these days.

Yo Yo Yo Lindsay! First we would like to know, when did you started singing?

Lindsay: I’ve always loved singing, but I actually did it for first time in eurokids when I was 10.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Lindsay:  In my spare time I do gymnastics (I do gymnastics in school too). I love bouncing around! I love singing and dancing too of course! I also like chatting with my friends and shopping.

What do you think about the JESC? Do you still watch it?

Lindsay: Junior eurovision is a beautiful adventure. Both the show and the fact of meeting people from all those places are awesome experiences. I still keep in contact with some of the people I met at junior eurovision 2005. I don’t watch the show anymore. In the beginning I did, but it’s always the same thing: the winner is chosen based on the affinities between the countries rather than for the quality of the song, and it’s a pity. That’s why during the recent years always an eastern country wins. It happens just as in the adult contest unfortunately. People give points to countries with which they get along. Anyway, this is just my opinion.

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Double Trouble gives us an interview

Francesca mikaela malta


02/11/2009 – The JESC month is finally here, and to kick it off we present you with an exclusive interview with the lovely girls from Malta, Francesca & Mikaela! They have finished their shopping for Kiev and are preparing for their good luck concert on the 8th of November, to be held in The Duke Shopping Mall in Gozo at 6pm. Any Maltese readers should make the effort to attend and support Double Trouble! Here is the interview:

Q. Congratulations on winning the Maltese final! What made you two decide to enter the JESC as Double Trouble? Have you sung together previously?

Mikaela –
Thanks! I met Francesca at singing lessons about a year ago. When I was considering participating solo in JESC Malta, Francesca approached me and asked me if I can join her as a duet to enter JESC which after further consideration I accepted. We decide to compete in this year’s JESC with “Double Trouble” because our characters are opposites and when we meet you know what happens! And no, we sung only in choirs together before this.

Francesca –
Thank You! I usually like to sing ballad songs but I always wanted to have a fun song and as Mikaela already said we created Double Trouble. No we never sung together as a duet before.

Q. How did you feel when you realized you’d won the preselection? How did your friends and family react? What have your classmates said?

Francesca –
I felt very happy and excited to be going to Ukraine. My family started crying and when I went back to school, my friends and school mates congratulated me and started to ask me questions on this experience.

Mikaela – I was very very happy and I cried a lot because at that moment I did not believe that we won first place from participants from Malta and Gozo. Well I just started a new adventure at my new secondary school, and all of my classmates are new to me. At first, when I went to school after the competition, they didn’t recognize me, as my hair is different from what they saw on TV. When they realized I was the winner of JESC Malta my classmates were happy that I am in their class and congratulated me and kept asking me to sing for them.

Q. Do the people of Gozo recognize you, are they proud to be represented finally in the JESC?

Mikaela –
Yes they do recognize me, both when I am out on my own, and when I am with Francesca. The Gozitan people are very proud of us to finally be represented in the JESC.

Francesca – Yes of course, Gozo is a very small island. They are very proud that Mikaela and I won and are now representing Malta in the JESC in Ukraine.

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