Belgium 1 2010

belgie jesc

Today is the first of the Belgian duals – the winner of each pair makes the final. It seems like there is 1 weak entry and 1 strong entry in each pair, but who can tell what the juries will think. The kids jury is composed of Thor (JESC 2006), Eva (JESC 2007) and Ralf (winner 2009). Only juries decide the winner of each pair, televoting will happen at the live final.

Let’s see what our international panel thought of each song and who they thought should qualify!

Our jury is Alex from Macedonia, Galust from Armenia, Yahor (JESC 2004) from Belarus, Tim from Netherlands, Adi from Sweden, Francesca & Mikaela (JESC 2009) from Malta and Ilze from Latvia. Only people from JESC countries were involved.







An average pop song. It is pretty hard to choose whether it will score well. Probably not. 5.5/10

Scared me at the start! Finally we go back to JESC 2004! Very catchy song and the two voice joined together are powerful. This is like an anthem! They should definitely send this! 9.5/10



Boring and repetitive pop song. I’m actually not sure how it will do at jESC 2/10

Typical pop song, I like it. Should do well at jESC 8/10



Really nice instrumental, modern and nice!  Good voice, good dance. 8/10

I like it! I like it! Absolutely. But i think they took some of the music and video from Adam Lambert! But it’s really great, 9/10.



I like this song, i think some people will like the chorus but some people will find it annoying. She sings good live and we have already something like this this year, but they are both great. (I think Georgia have the same song as this). With a girlish act and a great performance she can end in the top 10, but not in the top 5. So i think the will end 6th-10th in Minsk. 6 points.

I like this song, it is something different and we haven’t something like this in the JESC already. I think it will do it well in Minsk, but they need a nice stage act, and great performance. I think this song will finish 5-10th in Minsk. 8 points.



No, no, no! I really like Ine as a singer but her song gets lost among all those good entries. It has no melody and does not really stand out in any way. I fear it might not score well even at the Belgian NF. 3 points.

I’m not a fan of rock music, especially at the JESC. But DnA’s entry is much better than all the previous rock / pop-rock attempts from Belgium. It carries a lot of positive energy and while listening to it, i also feel like shouting: “Power aan de kids”!  7 points.



Francesca– Very in tune and very nice voice. But the topic is not for kids.6/10
Mikaela–Might not be a good song for JESC. The singer has got a very nice voice. 6/10

Francesca–wow this song is very nice. I can see it in the final of jesc 2010.They are so cute and the song is amazing once again. 9/10
Mikaela–A wonderful song that fits in the top 3 places. 9/10



5 points.

6 points.









This song is very suitable for JESC with catchy beat and it is also memorable. Her voice is cute! This will also score high if chosen! 8/10

An uptempo version of “Shut Up”. His voice tone doesn’t change much. It’s good but it won’t please the minor audience. 6/10



I absolutely love it. Refreshing song, cute girl, and it completely overshadows all the other entries in this selection. 10/10

Hmm…I don’t like rock at jESC, but this is ok. I like it, although I think it will do bad at jESC 7.5/10



ohhhhhhh! It’s a really terrible video but song is really nice! Pretty young girl! Chorus is really great! Jamanee manee manee mans! Everybody will sing it! My mark is 8/10 (but 2 points to the video)

Great band! I like this song! But i think that he is too old for this competition! And he has red shoes and I’ve got them too, haha.  8/10 points!



I love this song, we haven’t something like this in the JESC already. I think the people will like the lyrics and with a great act and performance she can do a Laura Omloop. But maybe will some jury’s think: ‘Belgium again with a young girl? Not again..’ and give them low points. When I listen to the song, i’m getting happy because it sounds so cheerful. I think she will finish 1-6th in Minsk. 12 points

I like also this song, but it won’t do it well in Minsk. He sings good live, but it isn’t a JESC song, i think he will do a Oliver (Belgium JESC 2008) and will end in the bottom 5. But maybe will some girls vote for him, i saw on a Belgian site that they think he is hot, but i don’t think so.. 5 points



It’s impossible to dislike this cute, young girl! And her song is just as pure and innocent as Emma seems to be. But don’t get deceived by her sweet looks, coz this girl’s got talent! If she’s not too nervous and gives her best at the NF, she’s a clear winner to me. 12 points.

He feels really comfortable on stage and therefore his song sounds much better live than in a studio version. That’s of course a huge advantage, but nevertheless, it still is one of the weakest entries in a surprisingly good Belgian NF. 4 points.



Francesca–It is very nice. It is one my favourites. The beat is very nice. And she is also cute and the chorus is catchy and original.9/10
Mikaela–This song is wonderful and has the ingredients to win this festival. The best one so far. 10/10

Francesca–Good song. This song is very original we haven’t heard it much. Ferre is cute as well and has a nice voice.5/10
Mikaela– This is the type of genre that is a favourite. Good. 5/10



7 points.

10 points.










It’s alright, but I don’t see anything special in it. There is no OOMF! factor. 6.5/10

This song is a boooore! He has a good voice however a ballad never works. Even when they went up a transpose, it still bored me. Nothing special… 5/10



I kinda like it, there are some parts that are bad. Overall, it’s a good song and I like it. I think it will do ok at jESC 7/10

Yawn, boring song. Makes me wanna sleep. Will do horrible at jESC 1/10



Fifty-fifty! I think she tries to be like Lena (winner of the ESC 2010) 6/10.

This is a really simple song without anything special in it! only 5/10.



I like this one, we haven’t also something like this in the JESC. I think people will like the performance and it sounds nice. I heard one live performance from her and she sounds better live than in the video. She tell in her song where she sings about, and with the act everyone can understand it. I think she will finish 6-12th in Minsk. 7 points

I don’t like this song, it sounds nice but it’s too boring. We have already some ballads this year, and this would be the worst one. He sounds nervous when he sings live, so that would be also bad. I don’t think it can be finish in the top 10 in Minsk and i am sure it will end in the bottom 3 in Minsk. 3 points



One of the highlights of the competition. A very well sung, uptempo song is always a great choice for the JESC. If she wins the NF, she’ll have a chance to be among the TOP-3 in Minsk and beat Belgium’s best score from last year. 8 points.

There is a common view that ballads can’t score well at the JESC. I have no idea where did such an opinion come from but now it’s the time to debunk it once and for all. Luis’ song is absolutely amazing and my fingers are already crossed for him. 10 points.



Francesca–very nice. The melody is very nice and catchy. One of my favourites in the belguim selection. She is so cute and has a nice voice. 8/10
Mikaela–Good song that could make it to the top five places. 6/10

Francesca– Nice song and he has a powerful voice. A very adequate voice for such a song. Good song. 7/10
Mikaela- nice voice. This song in my opinion wouldn’t fit in this type of song festival. 5/10



3 points.

12 points.






Jill & Lauren



This song is really catchy and he has a powerful voice! The good thing is the song sounds great from start to beginning to end. May not do well though. 8.5/10

Get up! It’s a JESC party! Not for JESC though, most likely score 7th. Pretty catchy. 7/10



I don’t really like it, it’s a mix of pop, rock, and ballad. I think it will do bad at jESC 5/10

Oh I really like this. Fun and energetic song. Could win the competition if you ask me. 10/10

Jill & Lauren


It’s a pity I didn’t feel some energy from this guy…….only 5/10.

I think that they have stolen chorus from somewhere! Get up?? I don’t know! I think they try to be older! 7/10.

Jill & Lauren


I also like this song, but we have already something like this in the JESC. I like the lyrics from the song, but the other people from other country’s won’t understand it. I think he will do the same as Thor (Belgium 2006), he looks cute and his song have a nice chorus. I think he will finish 7-12th in Minsk. 4 points.

I love this song, we have already up-tempo songs this year but this one is better then the others. They have more experience than the other, and it will be great if they use them. They have a happy song with some English words and i think everyone will understand it. And also as above, some people think they are hot so maybe they will vote for them.. I think they will end 3-8th in Minsk. 10 points.

Jill & Lauren


I can’t say a bad word about his song, but in the same manner, i can’t really see it winning either. It is just one of those songs everyone likes to hear from time to time, but nobody memorizes its lyrics and the melody. 5 points.

This song is definitely not a piece of high-quality art. The chorus is quite repetitive, and there’s no room for any improvements. But on the other hand, once you hear this song, you don’t forget it easily. 6 points.

Jill & Lauren


Francesca—nice song. But it is not one of my favourites. Not that catchy but original. The boy has a nice voice.7/10
Mikaela– Beautiful song with nice melody. Also a good one. 7/10

Francesca– very nice song and catchy. This could be in the final of the JESC 2010. Very original and the tune is so cute. Both have good voices and cute girls too. This is the type of song that is a favourite from me. 10/10
Mikaela– very catchy, nice duet. Really have a harmony when singing together the voice mix very good. 8/10

Jill & Lauren


4 points.

8 points.

Jill & Lauren


Bartas for Lithuania

nojus bartas

27 September 2010

Vaikų Eurovizija 2010 is over, and we have a winner. Representing Lithuania this year will be Bartas with “Oki-Doki”. Bartas, whose real name is Nojus Bartaška, has entered JESC every year, first in 2007 with Amzinai then he came 2nd to Egle in 2008 with the group Kvinta singing Muzikos virusas.

lt 2010 jesc

(This is an interesting stage act from the national final)

bartas junior eurovisionBartas is from the Kaunas region of Lithuania and is 14 years old. He has had professional help with his song from Arvydas Martinėnas (Vudis) and VU-Records. He will have a choreographer for JESC and dancers from dance group “Mode”. His grandmother is famous dancer Joana Bartaškiene, his father is actor and journalist Saulius Bartaška and his mother is musical theatre soloist Ruta Zaikauskaite-Bartaškiene. He has two sisters.

Link to the studio version is here.

Here is the live performance:

Sonja for Serbia

serbia jesc 2009 sonja skoric

sonja skoricYesterday Dečja pesma Evrovizije 2010 was held in Serbia, and it was an exciting event, mainly because they decided to hold it at 12 in the afternoon, so those of us who happen to live on the other side of the world got to watch it. The voting was done 50/50 jury televote and the votes were quite strange with what seemed to be the least popular song online coming 2nd. Interestingly, song #9 “Mia & Pavle” came last place with the jury, yet 3rd in televoting. The winner was Sonja Škorić who received 12 points from both televote and jury. She sings a ballad called “Čarobna noć” (Magical Night) with a very powerful voice, this could do well in Minsk, similar to Nevena in 2007. Nista Licno performed at the start of the show, there was no interval act, just a long..long clip of the kids singing karaoke songs.

Sonja Skoric was born on the 26th of February 1996 in Pancevo. She tried out for JESC in 2008 coming 4th with Otgovor.She was a guest at the 2008 Slavianski Bazaar where Stefan from Moldova also performed. She’s been in a lot of other contests too so she has plenty of experience.

The final scores were:

01. Marija Gligorević – “Vera u sebe” (05+01 = 06)
02. Boško Baloš – “Kap po kap” (10 + 07 = 17)
03. Sofija Šašić – “Kralj provoda” (04 + 05 = 09)
04. Anđela Išić – “Exit za ljubav” (07 + 03 = 10)
05. Boris Subotić – “Do moje klupe” (08 + 10 = 18)
06. Sonja Škorić – “Čarobna noć” (12 + 12 = 24)
07. Đorđe Marković – “Rok je…” (06 + 06 = 12)
08. Teodora Vujić – “Reči tišine” (02 + 04 = 06)
09. Mia Jovanović & Pavle Aleksić – “Žmurke” (01 + 08 = 09)
10. Milica Savić – “Kao u snu” (03 + 02 = 05)

Anja for Macedonia

Anja Veterova jesc

27 September 2010

Anja Veterova beat four other contestants to win the title of Macedonian representative for 2010. She is 11 years old, born in 1999 in Skopje. She is quite an experienced singer, perhaps the most experienced of the 5 finalists so her win is no surprise. She first appeared in the public eye in 2004 in the show ‘Super Zvezda” and has taken part yearly. Her performances were STRK, Vo ritam, Luda Zabava, Za scene rodena sum jas. She took part in Italian show Zecchino D’Oro in 2008 (with Come un aquilone). She is not the only JESC 2010 singer to have done so, Nicole Azzopardi has also sung in Zecchino D’Oro, but in 2006. She has actually released a professional music video too – Jas te sakam tebe.

anja veterova zecchino d'oro

Here is her JESC song, which is called Magicna Pesna (Eo, Eo). It’s quite good I think, although to do well in JESC it needs a revamp. She has a very unique voice that suits this song. For a national final with only 5 songs Macedonia was surprisingly good.


And here is the recap of the final:


Sara Markoska who represented Macedonia in 2009 and came 12th performed in the show:

Stefan wins for Moldova

stefan roscovan

27 September 2010

stefan roscovan jescStefan Roscovan has won the first ever Moldovan national final. As a debuting country, Moldova produced a strong lineup and although they unfortunately couldn’t air it live (the final was pre-recorded), from pictures the stage looks good. Videos of the final should be up soon. 2nd place went to “Lollipops” and 3rd to Diana Sturza.

Stefan is 11 years old and from Chisinau. His parents are Antol Roscovan and Angela Cabari. In 2008 he came 2nd at the Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk, meeting there Luara (Armenia 2009) and Alina (Belarus 2008). Stefan speaks Romanian and Russian, and is learning English and French. His song contains excerpts in English, as do many songs this year, perhaps copying Ralf’s “Click Clack”.

nl semi 2

25 September 2010

jsf 2010 semi 2

Tonight is the 2nd semi-final for the Dutch “Junior Song Festival”. Competing for a spot in the final are Pip, Merel & Quinty with “You tell me”, Senna & Anna with “My Family”, Darcey with “Energie” and Mano with the only non-English sounding title “Ga niet meer weg”. Two of them will make the final. The other 2, plus Phoebe en Stijn and Rosa, will have the chance to win the wildcard spot in the final. Tonight’s voting will be 1/3 adult jury, 1/3 kids jury (JSF 2009 kids), 1/3 televote. The adult jury consists of Yes-R, Stacey Rookhuizen and Jamai. Tune in to the show at 7PM CET!

To vote in the wildcard vote, you have until Sunday night! Vote here after the show:

What have some of the international jury from Malta, Sweden & Armenia thought of these 4 songs?

Senna & Anna – My Family

Francesca—Nice song and catchy. This song could be a theme in a cartoons. Very nice voices, and good control. The girls are cute. 6/10

Mikaela—This song is very beautiful and very catchy! The violin of Anna makes the song more sweet, nice and wonderful. Senna & Anna are so cute with their beautiful voices. 10/10

Adi – Maybe a little repetitive but still once you hear their song, it’s stuck in your head. I remember i was really impressed by their performance at the audition and i hope they got even better by now. 7 points.

Galust – I kinda like this. I also like the use of violin in the song. I think it will do ok in jESC. 7.5/10

Darcey– Energie

Francesca—Wow, very modern and cacthy. I am in love with the nice voice and the music of this song. Darcey is very very cute. 10/10

Mikaela—Cool song. Darcey’s voice is very good and blends well with the music. In my opinion this song is brilliant. 9/10

Adi – Not bad at all, but at the same time, nothing special either. But we’ve already had some winners, whose songs seemed to be equally forgettable, so maybe this one has some chances too .. 4 points.

Galust – Another average song. It’s also a bit repetitive. I don’t think it will do to well at jESC 5/10

Pip, Merel & Quinty—You tell me

Francesca—Sweet voices and amazing backing vocals. The voices mix together brilliantly. I like the bridge of this song . Overall very catchy. 8/10

Mikaela—Very nice song. I like the beginning of the song. The singers voices are super wonderful and good backing vocals. 8/10

Adi – Here we have the song i’ve been waiting for! This year’s JESC definitely needs some positive, energetic entries, just like this one! Hopefully all the girls will be able to show their enthusiasm on stage. 10 points.

Galust – You Tell Me: Nanana NO NO NO . Oh this is puke. Hate it, it will end up dead last in jESC xD. 2/10

Mano—Ga niet meer weg

Mikaela–Good beat and fast song. Not a Eurovision song. 5/10

Francesca—Some parts of this song are not new to my ears but still its nice and the singer is good. 9/10

Adi – After 15 seconds i thought that somebody mixed Justin Bieber with the early Backstreet Boys and that’s how this song was composed. But as we all know Biebermania is currently quite a big issue, so i fear it might score really well at the NF. 3 points.

Galust – Oh I like this too. Is it me or those this sound a lot like Chris Brown’s Forever song. It will do really good at jESC, I think. 8.5/10

My prediction – Senna & Anna and Darcey through and Pip, Merel and Quinty win the wildcard. But with Donny’s success, Mano’s chances also look good so perhaps Darcey’s popularity will prove to be only an internet thing.


serbian nf 2010

23 September 2010

Sorry for the lack of updates, I was on holiday. While I was gone, Serbia released the songs that will be in their national final Decje pesma Evrovizije 2010, and we can listen to them all online! It seems pretty much everyone likes Sofija the best, but here is some information about the kids and a link to the songs.

Listen here:

serbia jesc 2010 bosko balosBoško Baloš – Bosko Baloš was born on 22.10.1999. in Novi Sad. He plays piano & composes music.He drives his neighbours crazy playing loud music in his apartment and cares for dogs. Together with his younger brother Philip has performed at many festivals and events for children and adults. Last year, he participated in the selection for “Children’s Eurovision Song Contest” for the first time.

serbia jesc 2010 teodora vujicTeodora Vujić – Teodora Vujic was born 09/27/1996. She lives in Arandjelovac, where she attended the elementary school “Milan Ilic Uncle.” She performed at school events, but so far none of the big festivals.Her biggest dream is to participate in JESC. She likes the fun side to music and reading books. Singing, film and writing are her biggest hobbies.

serbia jesc 2010 marija gligorevicMarija Gligorević – Marija was born on 4 October 1995 in the town of Windsor, Canada. It is her first year at the Music High School “Stankovic” in Belgrade. She has performed a lot, as a member of group Čupa Cups she performed at numerous events in Belgrade and Novi Sad – dragons childrens toys, Museum Night, Rolerijada, super natural and Medela magic. Last year she enrolled in music school “Stankovic”, Department of solo singing classical music. She won first place in the open school competition “Josif Marinkovic” solo singer in Belgrade and the first prize in a competition solo singers in the New Becej.

serbia jesc 2010 andelaAnđela Išic – Andela is an angel born 5 November 1995 in Smederevo. She is a member of the choir “Kir Stefan the Serb.” She attends the first class high school in Smederevo and the music school. She plays the piano, speaks English and is an excellent student. She writes lyrics, composes, enjoying the moments of inspiration. Wants more people to hear her songs!

serbia jesc 2010 mia pavleMia i Pavle – Mia and Paul have an interesting combination. They are opposites but also very alike! When she finishes classes at her school, “Duke Radomir Putnik”, Mia hurries to music school Slavenski, and then does  exercises in ballet school “Lujo Davico.” She likes to hang out and write songs. In her spare time she comes up with theater performances. She also likes tennis and beating the boys. Pavle attends the school “Elena Cetkovic” then Music School “Vojislav Vuckovic”, then guitar lessons. He likes classical music and old rock and roll. His mobile phone has an excellent selection of new pop songs. Never played with Mia, so they do not know who is better at tennis. He likes diving, cinema and making his own films. To make matters more interesting, Mia and Paul met as babies in a stroller. It is not known who was then seen, and who shut their eyes, but now all singing “Peekaboo!”

serbia jesc 2010 dorde markovicĐorđe Marković – Djordje Markovic was born on 2 January 1998 in Nis. He plays the cello, guitar and piano and of course he sings. Now he also writes songs. He sung at the festival “Golden Brownie” and won in 2002. This was followed by other performances, “Golden Brownie” Nis 2003. (First Prize), “Small scale “White (Montenegro) in 2008,” TIN “- Lower Mlanovac 2008th 2009e 2010 (all three years the winner of the interpretation, and in 2009. And the winner of the festival),” Song of May “Nis 2010 .- winner of the festival.

serbia jesc 2010 milica savicMilica Savić – Milica Savic is 11 years old and lives in Arandjelovac. She is in the 6th grade of elementary school “Milan Ilic Uncle” and is an excellent student. She has performed at numerous school events, and this year’s participation in the national competition for Children’s Eurovision Song Contest is a dream come true and so far her biggest musical success.

serbia jesc 2010 boris suboticBoris Subotić – Boris Subotic is 10 years old and comes from Sremska Mitrovica. He is in fourth grade and plays the piano. He’s competed in numerous children’s festivals, Golden Bell ‘, Vivkovizija “and last year won the festival, Medela spell. He attends school of singing Aleksandra Radovic, and this year at the school won first prize among the younger singers. In his spare time he likes to listen to pop music and dreams of one day becoming a great singer.

serbia jesc 2010 sofija sasicSofija Šašić – Sophia was born 23.12.1999 in Germany. She is in the fifth grade at “Ruder Boskovic”. In her spare time she likes to sing. Member of the Academy of Music UMS. 2007. Won the children’s music festival in Bitola SIDO. 2008th won the award for children’s magic festival in Belgrade. Fortunately for her participation in the Children’s Eurovision song is best shared with comrades, Ella, Christine, Andrew, Minja, Mary, Milos, Andrej … and others.

serbia jesc 2010 sonja skoricSonja Škorić – Sonja Skoric was born 26 February 1996 in Pancevo. She finished seventh grade, elementary music school, piano department, and the first year of solo singing. She liked music and singing from the age of five.The first time she appeared in public when she was five years old. His first success was in the festival “Raspevano spring”. Then followed the festivals which usually won first place: Pancevo, Zajecar, Belgrade (Choice for Children’s Eurovision Song Contest), Nis, Zrenjanin, Zlatibor, Uzice, Tutin (Serbia); Laktasi, Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina); Rozaje, White (Montenegro), Timisoara (Romania) Balchik (Bulgaria), Minsk (Belarus), Sanremo (Italy).The festival “Sanremojunior” April 2010 where she was the only Serbian representative. She sang in the famous Ariston Theatre, where it was very noticeable.

The running order will be:

01. Marija Gligorević – “Vera u sebe”
02. Boško Baloš – “Kap po kap”
03. Sofija Šašić – “Kralj provoda”
04. Anđela Išić – “Exit za ljubav”
05. Boris Subotić – “Do moje klupe”
06. Sonja Škorić – “Čarobna noć”
07. Đorđe Marković – “Rok je…”
08. Teodora Vujić – “Reči tišine”
09. Mia Jovanović & Pavle Aleksić – “Žmurke”
10. Milica Savić – “Kao u snu”

And I predict Sonja will win.

JSF 2010 semi 1

18 September 2010

jsf 2010Tonight is the first semi-final for Junior Song Festival 2010! The first four candidates from the Netherlands will compete against each other, with two going to the final. The ones that don’t qualify in each semi will also have the chance to make the final as an internet wildcard. Tune in tonight a 7pm CET on Z@pp or Netherlands 3. The 4 competing tonight are: Phoebe en Stijn vs Caylee vs Donny vs Rosa. Seems the weaker semi-final in terms of competition.

We’ve spoken to a jury from other JESC countries, about their opinions on the Dutch (and Belgian) songs. Let’s see what some people had to say about the four up tonight:


Galust from Armenia – It’s an ok song , it really goes nowhere. I don’t think it will do to well if it gets sent out to jESC. 5.5/10

Adi from Sweden – A very, very pleasant song, sung by an already professional artist. If it turns out to be the winner, it’ll mean that the Netherlands want to go for a highest-quality entry this year. 8 points.

Francesca & Mikaela from Malta (last years representatives) – Mikaela—An attractive song the way it begins, slow and then turn into a fast song. Its one of my favourites! 7/10
Francesca-Super nice begining of the song. The guitar and the snapping make it an amazing song. The key change shows this girl’s talent. A favourite. 6/10

And our Latvian jury Ilze gave Caylee 5 points.

Phoebe en Stijn:

Armenia thinks – Worst song so far! Wow this is bad. Now this will end up dead last at jESC 1/10

Sweden thinks – Really hard to rank this one objectively. It surely has some potential, although i feel that if one of the duo performed it on their own, it’d be a perfect JESC entry. Together they sound just okay. 6 points.

Malta thinks – Mikaela–Nice voices but its an average song. 6/10
Francesca—Very good theme. Cute song with sweet voices and catchy. Not a favourite. 7/10

Latvia – 4 points.


Armenian votes – This song is bad. Overall the Dutch selection is bad. This song will do very poor at jESC 2/10

Swedish votes – The world of “showbizzz” is indeed cruel. So it will be for 7 of our finalists, including Mano. This song keeps growing on me after every next listening but it’s still really far from being a classy one. 5 points.

Maltese votes – Mikaela–The lyrics of this song makes it a nice and good song with a very nice beat. 7/10
Francesca—Very nice and the lyrics are cool. The lyrics describes every child/teenagers dream. From slow to fast with a very good voice this song is catchy. 8/10

Latvian votes – 8 points.


Armenian votes – Boring song, cute girl. xD Won’t do good at jESC 3/10

Swedish votes – It’s hard to think of a right word to describe how perfect it is. It has everything what’s needed to call a song a masterpiece – lovely lyrics, amazing performer and peaceful yet meaningful music. When she sings, i believe in her every word. I can’t predict how she’s gonna score at the NF but for me, she’s already the winner.
 12 points.

Maltese votes – Mikaela–A beautiful voice, but a slow song. 4/10
Francesca—This is a lovely song, mostly the chorus part. Ballads are my favourites so this is one of my favourite songs.8/10

Latvian votes – 6 points. (Although she gave Luis from Belgium 12 points so it’s not a case of disliking ballads..)

Based on these juries, it seems like the Netherlands must send a song coming from the 2nd semi to do well.

To give your own opinion, join the forum! Loads of Dutch and Belgians there along with many international fans! 🙂 Click the ‘forum’ link above! We will all be watching the Dutch semi on live internet streaming.

mariam for georgia in 2010

Mariam Kakhelishvili, a member of Bzikebi Studio (remember the little wasps who won in 2008?) has won the Georgian national final with her song ‘Mari-Dari’. It will come as no surprise to you that Mari-Dari is sung in an imaginary language, the same as Bzikebi won with.

Mariam is 14 years old (born 9th October 1995) and also participated in the national selection in 2008 with the song “Mom”, which failed to garner much attention. Her recent participation on ‘Georgia’s Got Talent’ (Nicheri) may have helped her popularity.

Finally, is anyone really surprised she won? Is it not obvious by now that to represent Georgia in JESC, you must be named Mariam? She is the 6th Mariam to represent Georgia in four years, there has been at least one every year – Mariam Romelashvili, Mariam Tatulashvili, Mariam Kikulashvili, Mariam Bokeria, Mariam Gurgenidze and now Mariam Kakhelishvili.

daniil wins

daniil kozlov

13 September 2010

The Belarussian national final took place a few days ago and the winner is 13 year old Daniil Kozlov with ballad ‘Muzyki svet’ (‘Light of Music’). Belarus has only ever previously sent one ballad, in 2006 Andrei Kunets, who came 2nd. Can Daniil repeat his success? He does not have the cute factor that Andrei had, we will see.

As part of the show, all past Belarussian contestants performed a new version of their JESC songs, see below:

Volha Satsuk (2003)

Yahor Volchek (2004)

Kseniya Sitnik (2005)

Andrei Kunets (2006)

Alexey Zhigalkovich (2007)

Dasha, Alina & Karina (2008)

Yuri Demidovich (2009)

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