Belarus 2016 finalists

belarus jesc 2016

One of the countries who still holds a traditional national final for JESC is Belarus. We thank you Belarus! Today they announced their 10 finalists for 2016. They are:

  1. Aleksandar Minyonok
  2. Yuliya Mozhilovskaya
  3. Olga Konovalova
  4. Stefaniya Sokolova
  5. Neskuchniy Vozrast
  6. Elena Titova
  7. Zinaida Kupriyanovich
  8. Mariya Zhilina
  9. So-Ni-Ka
  10. Mariya Magilnaya

All are from Minsk or Mogilev except So-Ni-Ka who are from Vitebsk. Notable names include Zinaida (fan favourite in the 2015 national final), Yuliya (2013), Elena (2014) and Neskuchniy Vozrast who also participated in 2015. These finalists were chosen from 45 candidates. Stay tuned for the songs.

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