Anja’s english version

9 November 2010

Anja Veterova from Macedonia today released the English version of her Junior Eurovision song “Magicna pesna (Eo Eo)” as part of her promotion in the lead up to JESC.
Eo, Eo
I have no magic lamp
Eo, Eo
I believe in fairytales
Eo, Eo
But I have a magic song
I’ll call it eo

Now we can understand the song even better, although the video was already very illustrative. Part of the lyrics talk of how she is seeing the Leaning Tower of Pisa from Paris.. artistic license?
In Italy I ate pizza
In Paris I saw Eiffel Tower
And the leaning tower of Pisa
It’s a great song, and could do very well in JESC with a good performance. See the English version with the video below!

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