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25July Macedonia selects big name - Martija Stanojković
Monday, 25 July 2016 01:38

martija stanojkovic

MRT has confirmed that Martija Stanojković will represent Macedonia in Junior Eurovision this year. She is a 12 year old girl from Kumanovo and just so happens to have >38,000 fans on Instagram! Marija recently came 2nd in 'Pinkove Zvezde' behind Balkan singing sensation Marko Bosnjak. From this, Martija is currently very popular in Macedonia and this decision may get her country behind her and more interested in Junior Eurovision than ever! Click here to watch her performing. Great choice Macedonia!

17July Chrstina will sing for Malta
Sunday, 17 July 2016 08:06

christina magrin

Christina Magrin has won the right to represent Malta this year in Valletta! She is 13 years old and was one of the pre-contest favourites, having already gained much attention in last year's national final when she came 3rd. She sang 'No More Tears' during the final, however PBS will now organise an original song for her to sing at JESC. It's bound to contain many powerful notes but whether it will be a power ballad or an uptempo remains to be seen. 2nd place was group Fusion and 3rd place went to Lisa-Marie Tabone.

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12July Meet Malta's 2016 Finalists
Tuesday, 12 July 2016 03:04

jesc 2016 malta

On July 16th the Maltese national final will be held and as usual, it's shaping up to be a big affair.

How will it work?

The winner will be selected by 75% jury/25% televoting. During the show, the contenders will perform original songs and covers, but the winning artist will perform a different song at Junior Eurovision.

Meet the singers:

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28June Belarus 2016 finalists
Tuesday, 28 June 2016 02:06

belarus jesc 2016

One of the countries who still holds a traditional national final for JESC is Belarus. We thank you Belarus! Today they announced their 10 finalists for 2016. They are:

  1. Aleksandar Minyonok
  2. Yuliya Mozhilovskaya
  3. Olga Konovalova
  4. Stefaniya Sokolova
  5. Neskuchniy Vozrast
  6. Elena Titova
  7. Zinaida Kupriyanovich
  8. Mariya Zhilina
  9. So-Ni-Ka
  10. Mariya Magilnaya

All are from Minsk or Mogilev except So-Ni-Ka who are from Vitebsk. Notable names include Zinaida (fan favourite in the 2015 national final), Yuliya (2013), Elena (2014) and Neskuchniy Vozrast who also participated in 2015. These finalists were chosen from 45 candidates. Stay tuned for the songs.

19June Lidia was chosen to represent Bulgaria
Sunday, 19 June 2016 11:19

lidia ganeva

Lidia Ganeva was chosen by Bulgaria to represent them in Junior Eurovision 2016. She was selected on 11th June through the televised national selection "Decata na Bulgaria sa super", organised by the Bulgarian broadcaster Bulgarian National Television (BNT). The song will not be released until September but it has been revealed it will not be written by the same team as last year. The national selection was done in three stages with some kids being knocked out every stage.

The top 5 who made it to the finals wer Preslava Petrova, Simona Krusteva, Bon-Bon, Lydia Ganeva and Dimitrina Germanova. Lidia is only 10, making this year a very young year so far with Albania's entrant being only 9.

Lidia hails from Plovdiv where she has been singing at Art Voice since age 6. So far she has received a total of 22 first prizes in various competitions. At the age of 7 she won the international singing competition Golden Dolphins in Romania, an achievement she is very proud of. Last year she won the Sofia Grand Prix Contest. She has been a special guest of the international competition Zlatno Slaveyche in Skopje and later her performance was included on the anniversary album of Macedonian Radio and Television (MRT). Last year she was also part of the celebrations of the winning bid of Plovdiv for European Capital of Culture 2019, where she performed.