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26November decided..
Thursday, 26 November 2015 12:32

destiny chukunyere

You guys voted, and these are the results of the 2015 poll! With a whopping 35% of the votes, Destiny from Malta won not only the JESC itself but our vote! Lina from Slovenia came in 2nd, with a 3rd place in the real JESC. Not bad! Fans of San Marino might be disappointed in her placing, but at least she did well here!


Malta - 35%

Slovenia - 24.9%

Russia - 7.4%

Australia - 4.7%

Armenia - 3.9%

San Marino - 3.9%

Serbia - 3.5%

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26November Interview with Jana from Montenegro
Thursday, 26 November 2015 12:20

We got to chat with Jana right before the final. She didn't speak English but luckily her team was on hand! Sadly for the Montenegro delegation they had many sound problems in the final and the earpiece of Jana was not working. They still managed a respectable performance though, enjoy the interview!

20November We interviewed Kamila!
Friday, 20 November 2015 11:48

We had the chance to interview Kamila from San Marino. Find out about her Junior Eurovision experience, what she'd do if she were invisible, her funniest moment of the week and hear her sing Polina Gagarina's Eurovision song!

19November Interview with Lena from Serbia!
Thursday, 19 November 2015 13:14

We've been doing some interviews today, we're very busy but we've had time to upload our interview with Lena from Serbia. She didn't speak English so there is a translated answer after she speaks. She came across as really cute and much younger than she does on stage with her powerful presence.

19November Rehearsals!
Thursday, 19 November 2015 06:18


The stage in Sofia looks great, there's some amazing lighting and a nice big arena. Unfortunately press cannot stand very close to the stage, however we have still been able to experience the rehearsals nicely. Everyone seems very strong so far, even countries we initially thought might be quite weak have impressed us with their rehearsals. Big contenders have to be Australia, Belarus, Malta, Serbia. Russia and Slovenia, however the winner is very unclear and everyone has a chance. San Marino and Bulgaria both have excellent stage shows which you will all enjoy! I uploaded a video of Wednesday that you can watch below. Also, don't forget to check out our rehearsal coverage on Facebook!

Facebook - lots of amazing photos!

Wednesday: Behind the scenes video!


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Your favourite of 2015?

Albania - 1.4%
Armenia - 3.5%
Australia - 4.2%
Belarus - 1.4%
Bulgaria - 3.1%
Georgia - 0.7%
Ireland - 3.1%
Italy - 0.3%
Macedonia - 2.1%
Malta - 35.1%
Montenegro - 1.7%
Neterlands - 3.5%
Russia - 7.3%
San Marino - 4.5%
Serbia - 3.5%
Slovenia - 23.6%
Ukraine - 1%

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